The Old Coca Cola Site


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To make the stuff... ya... they did. Made in Ballina now I think.

Pepsi is still made in Little Island afaik.

But bottling plant empty for many years.

AFAIK as well re Pepsi, but can you remember, or can anyone else where Cokes other plant was?
Pepsi is made in Little Island and Carrigaline.

As is 7-Up, Miranda and Mountain Dew.

There used to be a Coca Cola plant outside Tuam.


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Passed there today and there is a notice of some work going on there,anyone know what's happening with the place, are Coke coming back ?

Just checked the planning section of City Council's site, some company called Oyster Holdings own it and have applied a few times for permission to build apartments there, so perhaps they have been granted permission.

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