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Perisic and Forster done per above.
Looks like the Torres - Lo Celso swap is gaining momentum.
Bastoni for 60 mill.

Bergwijn to Ajax.
WInks to Everton or Newcastle.
CCV to Celtic.
Those pay for Bastoni.

That's 3 signings and very little outgoing cash.
A big gamble going for Bissouma right now with the that shit still flying over his terms of football though, probably the best signing of the summer, 25m is fuck all in this market for a player of his calibre, even if he only has 1 year left.

i'm still hoping Brighton know he'll be locked up in 6 month time and are just fleecing Spuds :lol!:
and feck you Edu and whoever decides what CM Arsenal should go after, I advocated for both Guimaraes and Bissouma for ever and they let them pass by for a combined fee of about 55m, ffs!

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