The Official PROC Restaurant review thread.

Was up there myself recently.
Really enjoyed 360 grillhouse and the Moorings but had a truly shocking Sunday lunch in the Tannery. How they still have a star is beyond me.
Besides that Dungarvan is one of the nicest towns I've ever been in in Ireland.
Agree on everything there - Dungarvan is class, some lovely pubs for a pint too
I posted something similar on the tannery in this thread about 2 years ago, the meal was really poor and that was with the wife serving our table as she knew one of the diners. Not a hope I'd eat there again
Was in a place called the Engine House in Bunmahon in Waterford last week. Very casual beach bar kind of vibe, excellent food and great service. There was a big gang of us and there was not a complaint from anyone.

Also had a formal dinner in the Old Bank in Dungarvan. Beautiful location, but I thought the food was only ok. Sometimes fine dining suffers a little when you have a big group so maybe it would be better for a smaller group.
was in The Engine House myself last Aug.... a few times actually.. lovvvved it.. fab atm.. nice pub grup..
I love a lot of things Blaaford.. but yeah,.. had the super staycation along the copper coast last year... love Waterford in general.. a hidden gem imo.. lots of fab areas
Stayed in that place off Dungarvan, something coast hotel. What a dump. I got steak and chips and it was mank. This was some time ago. It's also nearly impossible to find.
Dungarvan is scenic but a lot of strange folk do be do be living there. A most dangerous place
When The Tannery opened in the first few years, it was superb. It's sad to see bad reviews on it now. Had a gorgeous fillet steak there.
Some amount of pretentious shite in this list.

Could one of them not have just said they love a big durty John Grace Breast in a bun?

Gwan away with your Mitchell stars and dining experiences ffs

““Day off treats for me involve going to one of four places; Hansum in the Marina Market for a chicken salad bowl, 5 Points Deli on MacCurtain street for a bagel and a smear (with bacon and a mug of tea), over to Masseytown on Paul Street for a baguette with rotisserie chicken and bearnaise sauce or to Miyazaki at the end of Barrack Street for a restorative bowl of ramen and some dumplings.”


I wouldn’t have thought so.
That place is nice. Worth a trip accross town. They nail the NY deli sandwich thing. Rubens and the like

Bagal and a schmear is €3.50 i think so not outrageous
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