The Official PROC Restaurant review thread.

American fella up in Athlone trying to eat 6 burgers and 3 portions of loaded fries in an hour

What a fat fuck, while we have children going to bed hungry

Spot on.
No chance the restaurant would offer some poor children the food.
A disgrace imo!


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€45 quid for a steak?

I hope the waiter was dressed like this when he brought the bill.

It wasn't even a great steak. I asked for medium rare but it was almost medium well, and the pepper sauce was very watery.

I wasn't paying though so didn't give a fuck. For dessert I had one scoop of honeycomb ice cream (€4) and a Laphroaig scotch (€9.80).

The service was excellent and its very relaxed, but for that kind of coin I'd just go to the Shelbourne for the history and the experience.

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29th Dec 2022 @ 7:00 pm
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