The official Premier League 22/23 thread

Those leaked ones weren't kosher.

The first weekend

Friday 5 August
20:00 Crystal Palace v Arsenal

Saturday 6 August
12:30 Fulham v Liverpool
AFC Bournemouth v Aston Villa
Leeds v Wolves
Leicester v Brentford
Newcastle v Nottingham Forest
Spurs v Southampton
17:30 Everton v Chelsea

Sunday 7 August
14:00 Man Utd v Brighton
16:30 West Ham v Man City

Saturday 13 August
Arsenal v Leicester

The remainder of the season -
Bizarrely, on sm, main concern is that player involved is not from their team. Lads checking out age profile of their squad and trying to identify possible suspects and bandying names about without jot of evidence.
No concern for alleged victim.

That's par for the course these days unfortunately.

Some further details have emerged about the location (5 star resort on the Mediterranean) and it was also noted that the victim showed investigators pictures of bruising.

Ultimately by far the most important thing here is that justice is done. That's beyond debate.

But with the excessive delays in the UK courts these days it could easily be the bones of a season that a player could potentially be unavailable for. This places clubs in a difficult situation where they need to take a view on whether the situation is so serious that they need to stand the player down (e.g. Greenwood and that mysterious Everton player who we definitely don't know the name of) or whether the circumstances dictate that they feel comfortable allowing him to play on (e.g. Bissouma).

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