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Mike Adamson is an appalling ref. How did he miss the forward pass by the Quins outhalf, near the end. He called a marginal lineout throw as crooked and then made some very controversial calls against Castres. I dunno how the ref and TMO couls see a clear grounding on or over the line for the winning try ? A Castres boot seemed to be on the line blocking the grounding - some very controversial decisions - Interesting to see the comments from Castres
I put my comment on this in the Irish rugby thread instead of here.
He is beyond a joke, he’s not allowed near the men’s senior league in Scotland on his “off” weeks. How he gets these gigs repeatedly is beyond.
There were 2 or 3 forward passes he was right next to at the end and played on, the pass to Lynagh and then Smith’s being two.
Even Kay and Healey on comms said the last two penalties against Castres were nonsense.
His touch judge even told him on field decision for the final try should “no try”.

Also Ben Botica is a joke of a player, always has been.
One or two times there I thought Zebo looked slow but bloody hell he ran some line for the last try. Finished his second one very well too.

Maul defence was excellent, all round defence was very good, discipline was much improved. Buckley had a great cameo off the bench.
Frank Murphy taking his turn at fucking over a French team now. Looked for all intents and purposes Montpellier had an advantage for holding on at the ruck, threw a wide pass, Exeter intercepted for a try and he said it was play on, not advantage.

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