The Official Munster Rugby Thread™

Missed the first half.
Adamson is so bad, Coombes had scored before Kendellen did he didn’t see it, no arms tackle on Wycherley’s carry after it, missed too.

Great win, Aherne looked like he was loving it, Vermeulen’s bashed up face told it’s own story.

Who here doesn’t rate Beirne? The guy is a monster, if he was a Kiwi he’d be raved about.
And yet, amazingly, there is usually debate about his place in the Irish team. He's tremendous.
Some really bad handling errors, but the mental side was streets ahead of last week. Haley had a very good game. I think JvG needs to be run out of town for what he has done to Casey. He could be the kind of player who sets the culture for a generation and JvG has him playing like that. Unforgivable.
They will in their hoop pay out his contract AND pay someone else til seasons end.

Gave tonight's game a skip over Covid. In all honesty the gate would have been similar irrespective of restrictions.
Even though the red card was correct, I don't think the TMO should be over-ruling a referee - Adamson had exactly the same view as the TMO and had decided Yellow but the TMO effectivelt over-ruled him. IMO The TMO can point out an issue to the referee but once the ref makes a decision, that should be it.

The rules are crazy IMO - a glancing shoulder to the head is a red but a blatant spear tackle is not, because the player doesn't land on his head - can't make sense of that.

Refs interpretation is so different - Adamson allows a rolling maul to be held up and never forces the offence team to use the ball but the ref in the Connaught game constantly demanded the ball be used whenever there was even a slight pause on forward momentum of a rolling maul - confusing for players.
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