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Good win in the end, Scannell, Cronin and Nash with tries.

Cronin must be delighted after almost a year out.
Not sure what the scrum half plan is with 5 now there, presumably Patterson is on a short term contract or something.
Some signing indeed. I wonder if Rory is bankrolling this one too. Vermulen aint exactly a spring chicken though so availability due to injuries might be a concern

At least his issues are unrelated, shoulder and knee were the big ones, the latest being ankle ligaments.
He’s well rested now over the last while and won’t need to play every game with Timoney there. Should be a great signing.
Pienaar staring at 9 on Saturday night.
The right head du Toit played a few games for Munster a few seasons back.

Excited to see this kick off though, something a bit different anyway,

Hank Scorpio

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Zeebs starts and Snyman on the bench.

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6th Dec 2022 @ 9:00 pm
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