The official Mark Felton Productions thread

His new video is one of his best. Wow.

You don't hear much about the time the Brits killed 7,000 Jews by accident

Watched it last night. Fair play to Mill - Roberts. Milch was an evil bastard.

This is interesting too.


A great podcast in general, but this is the first of seven episodes about the nazi's in power. I've listened to 4 so far, and they're an excellent deep dive into them. They mention a few pods they made earlier about the Nazi's rise to power, which I'm going to find when I finish this series.
New series of Rise of the Nazi's on Rte 2 tonight m8s.

This is series 4, I highly recommend the whole series. Series 4 is about the hunt for war criminals post WW2.

Also available for download on Sky Q (was on BBC a few weeks ago, but I missed it).
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