The Official Man Utd Thread - Part 3.

Donald Trump

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What's he supposed to say?

'The squad is shite , I've made a huge mistake taking this job'.
You'd imagine he's thinking it.

Should have listened to Louis Erik m8.

Thing is, he doesn't strike me as a fella that will put up with it for long. Reports from Steve McClaren when he employed him as a coach, is that he's an unbelievably hard working man. Yes, hes never going to come out and call the owners out after 2 minutes in the job, but I don't think he'll stick around for long if they keep fucking it up either.

Handy Run

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Im torn m8s. On the one hand I want ye to do well in the handy run ye have so ETH doesn't get any new signings.

On the other hand, that comes at the expense of immediate :lol!:s and as any of my exes will no doubt attest, delayed gratification is not my bag baby.

But ultimately I have to look back and think I would've gone without some of the :lol!:s had it kept Ole at the wheel.

So I'll happily forego a few :lol!:s if it means ye get no signings.

Stay tuned for more Bandon_Y on the bog musings!
I think this is the summer, 8 years on from Fergie leaving, that the football world is properly starting to see United as the emperor with no clothes.

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