The Official Man Utd Thread - Part 3.

Donald Trump

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Great post.

I wasn’t a proc member back then but I do know from your posts that you’ve been anti-glazer since when United won the CL. United fans that are cry-arsing since the trophies dried up post Fergie are cunts. The writing was in the wall when they replaced Ronaldo with Valencia and Owen.

Schneider and Robben would have thumbed to OT at the time. Ferguson’s genius carried them to another few league titles and covered the glazers asses.

Liverpool are going the same way. FSG have seen liverpools value increase x10 since they took over. That’s 90% down to klopp.

Konate looks money well spent. They wouldn’t have gotten CL without Thiago in the run in last season, despite him being a crock. Jota has been a major success.

When he’s spent it’s generally been a hit, Ox and Keita withstanding.

FSG are the Glazers with better PR.
Hazard was another one that got away. Fergie was crying about no value in the market when the likes of silva, aguero and hazard were signing for City and Chelsea.

Donald Trump

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If an employee isnt performing , you put them on an performance improvement plan, if they dont improve then they get the door.

Surely the contract he signed doesn’t mean he cant be fired for poor performance
Sorry m8, but that's exactly what it means.

You think United wouldn't sack him if they could?

Think Brody, when have you heard of a football being savked? Adam Johnson is the only one I can recall and that had nothing to do with football.
Barca have two similar cases. They want to cancel Dembele's contract because he won't sign an extension. But that can only be done with his consent. Barca would probably be in breach of contract if they withdraw things like access to training, facilities etc.

They had another case a few weeks back where they were exploring trying to cancel a player's contract due to breach of contract - based on poor performance, physical condition, effort etc. The player responded by citing instances where he stayed behind late for extra training. Can't recall the guy's name, but it was discussed on Kieran Maguire's pod.

Donald Trump

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Liverpool are a football club.

Man Utd are a meme.
Yeah, your yank owners are very different to our yank owners and would never try to destroy football.

Or get the government to pay low wage workers.

Or raise ticket prices to a level that working class fans would struggle to afford.

Or invest little to nothing of their own money into a club.

Or refuse to back their manager

Etc etc et fucking cetra.
I'm watching the game so I'm reluctant to get into another drawn-out FSG debate.

My point was Liverpool look to be a fundamentally better run club and they've competed better for the big prizes in recent years.

That's why Liverpool's fans are happier.

And of course Klopp is a big part of that. The biggest part.

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