The Official Irish Rugby Thread

Why did the officials ignore the neck roll on Kelleher when reviewing the boot he put in the ruck to flick the ball. Crazy officiating
Because it's Shitehouse and Lukey, mate.

Neck roll and Kriel holding on.
Doris mentioned Kelliher only knocking it back when the counter came in and Pearce essentially told him to "fuck off".
Ultimately, Rassie has been completely vindicated with his previous social media shtick with refs. He's gotten into the head of officials and the marginal calls go their way. It happened in the world cup and was no small part in them getting through a number of tight games. It happened with the Lions before that more dramatically, and again clearly worked.
Also, fair to say the Osborne call worked out incredibly well.

I was waaay off with that one.
If he keeps going he's going to be another Leinster player with a question mark over his best position.
ACL for Sheahan, balls to that. Unlikely to be back for the 6N, I'd have thought. Hope he starts Herring and brings on Kelleher, the lineout is too important to gamble on Kelleher's throwing.

Casey almost certainly out as well, I don't see him starting Blade, so that's a big change to how we play.
I didn't see what happened to Sheahan but that's a bad one.

Leinster will be scrambling because of that now too.

Herring and the younger lad at Ulster are more than able to fill a gap but they're nowhere near his level.

Opportunity for Barron now also.


Casey was up and about late on Saturday so that's good. Still shook by all accounts, which is understandable. Definitely will be stood down and watched.
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