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Getting ridden. SA 5 or 6 consecutive pens no penalty try. No hesitation for this prick when it is the other way around.

Lowe gave them 14 points.
Pearce is a good ref. Not as good as he thinks but this has been a shocker of a game.
If you're applying the logic of its too close to call for SA's second then the same applied for Doris' ruled out try.
Not a great performance but much better than I expected.
Lowe's mistakes gifted them 14 points but they also left 9 out there from missed penalties given away stupidly too.

The breakdowns are such an energy drag and I think not having someone like Coombes or Hodnett really hinders them here.
Doris is lucky it will be a different referee next week but he still probably needs POM there to babysit through the ref chats.
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