The Official Irish Rugby Thread 19/20.

I'm assuming it's now nonsense. The time to buy them was while they were still in the Premiership.

Incidentally, it very much reminds me of 1999, when London Scottish and Richmond went bust, with the carcass of their professional outfits bought up by London Irish.

Played for London Irish Amateurs a few years after, Scottish and Richmond were still angry about it and used to take it out on us, with past players turning up to absolutely destroy us. Which was not fun.

Anyway, I'd imagine something similar would happen with London Irish if they wanted to come back now, they'd potentially have to rebuild from level 6.

Not that it's impossible, Richmond did it, albeit just got relegated from the Championship.
Are the IRFU that awash with cash that they can support a fifth team?
Last year made a €6M profit and reported cash reserves of €66M.

So doing fairly well.

That's especially good when you consider Leicester and Exeter are also wobbly, both needing recent cash injections. I have no idea how Bath are sustainably funding their big money acquisition of Finn Russell. My suspicion is they aren't.
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All along the concerns were that a 38 year old wouldn't make it due to physical decline, when in fact it's the mental side that might rule him out.

Farrell should have dropped him 3 years ago.

He's looking at a suspension right upto world cup.

We have Crowley with no minutes and Byrne who is shite. Good man Andy.

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