The Official Irish Rugby Thread 19/20.

Georgia win! Incredible.
Fully deserved too, Wales were and are atrocious.

Clever at the end too. Gambled with a crooked throw at the last line out but Wales jumped across and the ref saw that first. Even if he hadn't it wasn't a penalty offence so the game was dead.

massive win for Georgia

Wales are a pity but will probably get to a world cup Semi Final:rolleyes:
That run of luck they got 2 6 Nations ago saved Pivac and you'll never see the likes of that again. A shockingly poor side but you're right the could easily go far .... after losing to Fiji in the groups.


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The hype 🚉🚉🚉



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Good God, the number of penalties in the game now. Saw some of the Eng All Bs match and this one now. It's unbelievable. And every try triple checked... Advantage played for about 2 mins. Some of the play is bloody good, it's just all the shite either side of it.

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