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Poster of Savage Greatness.
How long is a round of golf these days? Seems about 5h30 or so. Bloody crazy.
Normally 4 hours, but the pros are ridic. This course however will have lads hitting off different fairways and having to give way so that slows it all down. Also the slowness earlier nearly always catches the boys at the back.
Very emotional Tiger on 18. Great reception for him.
Never stopped on The Bridge so I’d say he’ll be back if the leg holds up but it’s won’t be until 2030 with the current rotation
I thought it was every 5 as well but I’m sure mcginley said 2030 earlier but he’s so full of shite who knows!

Turnberry will be back on as soon as Trump sells it on but I’d imagine that will be sold off in a fire sale after he kicks the bucket as there’s a standoff just now,


Poster of Savage Greatness.
Useless St Andrews fun fact

"Tiger Woods’ victory at St Andrews in 2000 has been lauded as a strategic masterclass, because he avoided the Old Course’s numerous bunkers each day. However, the main reason Woods eluded the sand is because the bunkers are in the wrong places for the ‘new’ routing – much closer to the tee, where they can be carried by any reasonably long hitter."

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