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Jaysus, I guess "watching a bluey" means something different these days 😇
There was a video shop around the corner from me years ago that rented out blues. You’d have to ask yer man at the counter can you see the Bible and he’d pull out this binder folder from under the counter with all the blue film covers. You’d then take your pick 😂
Have my first on the way in a few weeks . Will be 43 becoming a dad for the first time …
Best of luck

Congratulations my man. The first few years are challenging but you’ll be so full of love you find the energy to do what’s required. After that it is a joy, I miss turning the living room into a wrestling ring and building camps in the backyard. My youngest is 13 and he just beat me in a game of one on one basketball and then made a tic tok about it. Do everything with love and start reading to them from a young age and you will be grand.
They'll do your head in with questions, demand your time, argue with each other, ruin your home, kill your sex life, hog the remote, empty your bank account.

And you'll love it.
Not really sure about children changing your life, if you have them younger. I was in my early 20's and hadn't an established career yet, so it was just another stage of my life. Problem is if you're older, you have established a career, have a grand tidy house and a stable relationship hopefully. Children change the dynamics of all that. I get to live my life the opposite way around.

Ricky Kelleher
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6th Dec 2022 @ 9:00 pm
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Ricky Kelleher

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