The official Cork court report thread.

Apparently the death of my bro and thousands of others in tbe land because of these dealers of death

Hes a dealer in death end of
No excuses whatsoever warrant anyone dealing in death.

We've all had tragedy call to our door,but don't do as he did
Have you ever heard of compassion and forgiveness.
The people of Ireland voted to forgive people like MacGuiness who was commander in chief of SF who organised that Patsy Gillespie would be the human bomb in attacking an army barracks.
I lived in Derry at the time ,SF we're not IRA Army was in charge of SF not the other way around I'm not saying some SF members weren't in the army, Tail didn't wag the dog. Factual pls not hearsay. No comparison what went on in a war in a totally different Ireland a long time ago to what McCarthy and other dealers of death do by choice , Fed by pure greed.
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