The official Cork court report thread.

She accepted having taken the materials, he said, and had brought €20 to court to reimburse the injured party.

Sweet Jesus. What is it with people and litigation.

Some fucking cop on is needed. Should never have gone before a court. Glad the Judge recognised that. I despair sometimes.
I would imagine that her neighbour was at their wits' end and that this had been going on for years. It wouldn't surprise me if they got "advice" from the Gardaí to finally draw a line in the sand by taking it to court. Very sad all round really.
A man is due in court today in connection with the murder of Ballyphehane woman norah sheehan in 1981, Mrs sheehans son would be well known in schoolboy soccer circles for years,
this mentalist up to his old tricks. Seen him up for stuff before.


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