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The Diamond League final starts tonight in Zurich. 30K for the win and a pretty cool looking trophy on offer. Starts 16.30 on bbc 2.

Tonight is the street meet the two 5ks, pole vault, shot put and high jump in downtown Zurich.

Both 5ks are stacked as you'd expect. Hassan twisted her ankle in Brussels but her fitness is coming on like a train. Is it enough against Tsegay? Can Alicia Monson back up her performance from last week

On the men's side Berega is facing something of a lost season unless he pulls this one off. Krop looked sensational in Brussels. Grant Fisher will also have the wind in his sails but he couldn't get past Krop a week ago.

Tomorrow its on the track. From 18:00 bbc2. In the 1500M its Jingy against the field.

There is a bit more about the women's 1500m I think. we have an Irish finalist in Ciara Mageean. She's not beating faith Kipyaygon though.

Whiteman going in the 800m if he wins this he gets the double bye into worlds for next year. He has one already as 1500m champ. If he wins the 800m he could skip british champs. Not chase ranking and peak perfectly for an historic double. His 1:43 from last week will have Jacob shitting himself.

women's 100m has been box office stuff all year. SAFP nursing a hammy is the only thing

No rabbits in the finals either AFAIK so it'll be championship racing

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I should have probably mentioned that the high jump should be good tonight.

i know the field events are the foxy headed cousin of the track events but the Ukrainian High Jumper Mahuchikh had three near misses at 2m10 last week which would have been a WR she sailed over 2m05 without much difficulty.

She got permission to leave Ukraine about 48 hours before world indoors and fled under heavy shelling. Has been in Germany since and pretty prominent all year with world silver i think


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Not convinced by that city centre stuff for the races. I know they're making an effort to bring it to more people and all but it's all a bit gimmicky.

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Yeah i agree. Gimmicky is the word. It shouldn't be the final at least.

I'd say the Atmosphere was good if you were there but it looked sparse enough outside of the home straight.

The broadcast was poor too. Lighting bad. Couldn't get a camera at the finish except for the long shot up the lanes.

Too much field they skipped the first 6 mins of both races to show Tamberi kissing his wife and some nice shots of traffic in downtown Zurich.

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That's the thing - loads of "after you" for the early laps then savage kicking. Mageean and Muir might tag to bust up their 1500.
They published pacing schedules for all events so they must have changed that from last year. They're relatively conservative though.

In the women's 1500m they've asked Alloe Wilson for pacing at about 3:55 pace not the WR of 3:50. I guess the want to keep it honest early but allow a kick to close. I'd say we'll see a lot of pacers off the front as the pack mark each other. 30k is still 30k after all

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Was watching on bbc2 when that bootlicking crawler Nicholas witchell turned up. ☹️
Not sure where to watch now.
A bit too late to be useful but about the benefit of RTE not giving a shite is ireland is free of most Geoblocks for Athletics. You can get all Diamond League, World athletics, NCAA on YouTube.

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