The Official Arsenal Thread - Part 2

City finished on 89 points last year. Even allowing for the last game, the max is still 92 points. That's a hard total, but it's not the massive totals they put up going head to head most years v Liverpool.

LAst year was a great opportunity for Arsenal to beat them. And they threw it away. They had one game a week to prepare for and City had a full schedule. They took full advantage of City's mediocre form in the middle of the season, but they couldn't sustain it.

City have an even bigger schedule this year with the club world cup. It could be a good opportunity for Arsenal or Liverpool again, if the constant fixtures cause injuries, tiredness etc.
Dortmund threw away the league last season, all they had to do was win their last game.

Arsenal's challenge was already over 3 or 4 games out. Yes, all Arsenal had to do was keep winning with about ten games to go, but they didn't have the strength in depth of City's squad.
If he can't deliver one of the two big trophies after his massive spend and all the promising youngsters he has, I'd say Arsenal would do well to look eleswhere. Probably give him this season and next.

After that, na.
Fair answer. Like we've said consistently if he gets 90+ points this season we'll be quite happy. Then the next season he'll either need to win a big trophy or have good reason for not doing so.
Do you think Klopp would still be at Liverpool minus his two big ones?

A tough one to answer tbh.

All things being equal...if he'd lost the Spurs final and lost out very narrowly in the PL in 19/20, then I don't think FSG would give him the chop and I don't think a critical mass of LFC supporters would be pushing for it.

But he might well have got disillusioned with battling against a financially doped City and chosen not to extend past 23/24 or maybe even taken on the Bayern job.

Now you...if the Arteta thought experiment played out for the next 3 or so years, do you think he should be sacked?
Anyway, I did a little bit of maths.

Peps total outlay on players since he arrived at City is €1,220 million

I also divided that number by the amount of transfer windows he's had since he arrived, which is 15.

So his spend per window was € 81.36 million.

Arteta's outlay since he arrived at Arsenal is € 651.24 million.

I divided that by the number of windows he's had since he arrived which is 8, and his spend per window is € 81.4 million per window.

I'm all for a bit of number-crunching m8, as you well know.

But what's the "so what" in the above numbers?
lol, it's never ending circle with you lot.

Pep came 3rd in his first season m8, getting 78 points.

I'd say there was some reconstruction needed.

Pep spent €216m on a squad that already had lots of players with 2 PL medals.

He inherited De Bruyne, Silva, Kompany, Aguero.

Txiki had been there for months prior to smooth the transition.

Arteta/Klopp and to a much lesser extent ETH inherited an absolute sack of shite in comparison.

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