The Official Arsenal Thread - Part 2

Btw, I was slightly impressed with Bumnal on sunday. I really thought Brentford would be a challenge but they swatted them aside like the small fry that they are.

Now if ye could go to actually not losing against city and Liverpool I might have to revise my opinion on MikOle.

Edit: btw I willl deny ever having said that even if you bookmark it and post it to me.

you'll eventually get there m8 (your horrible and ill-informed posts will however be bumped in due course, it's fair game, like)
Some Gooners may miss games from time to time.

But I'll give them least they actually want their side to win every game possible.
still waiting for the official SMC list of games they want 'their' team to lose.

Shouldn't take that long, following SMC logic, they surely want every single game to be a hiding, right?

Donald Trump

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still waiting for the official SMC list of games they want 'their' team to lose.
Here's the list.

1. None

The end.

Now could we have a list of things that are far more important to you than bumnal. You can skip the obvious ones like family. The more obscure ones like washing your hair, or fixing your strings on your racquet is what interests me :lol!:

Donald Trump

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Was that not directed at your missus?

She's the one blowing the trumpet about two 2nd place finishes (...with no danger of troubling 1st place) in 5 seasons.
No m8, it was aimed squarely at you, and you know it.

Shanks would have sacked Klopp by now were he in a position to do so.

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