The Official Arsenal Thread - Part 2

ElNeny singing a one year extension with a clause allowing for an extra year

Like I said, not good enough to be a starter in big games but a much needed experienced body for league cup, dead rubbers in TNCL and etc
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I see the usual shite from the smcs with their we were shit and we know it but you lot are shitter blah blah blah. Yes we are disappointed not to get 4th and yes we had a great chance but came up short against teams that are better so it happens, I'm happy enought to be back in Europe as it help tje younger players get more game time and experience, man utd have a wage bill 100mill more then arsenal, brought back Ronaldo, spent 80mill on the waster sancho, 50 Mill on full backs ,50.mill on the.likes of fred ,another 80mill on maguire but still finished behind us so fuck them.

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