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Apparently the "breeding" councillor is about to be sentenced in a criminal damage court case and also believes there's a Jewish cabal running the world.

Dear God.
And Lisa Simpson pearls.
She has no competency to run finance.... Michael mcgrath 1st class honours commerce UCC, Charley mccreevy accountant, Paschal worked with proctor and gamble for six years and has a business degree... they all were competant MOFss.... the poor ones were Noonan ( a teacher) and Cowen ( a lawyer) , Bertie( god knows).
Teachers dont cut the mustard here.
McGrath off to Brussels and Chambers then as the anointed successor. The article touts Norma Foley as the next Minister for Finance. Now that would be fun and Norma herself would fancy the top job.

I am pro life but it was voted on and that’s a democracy and people are allowed to choose to vote what they want.
Chambers changed tact because the media will ensure no senior politician reaches the highest office unless they are pro-abortion. Witness Hugh O'Connell's interview with Norma Foley the week after she became a minister. He ('Kate "'We won, you lost" O'Connell's brother in lae) terminated the interview when Foley refused to declare her position.
Anyway, if Chambers went "on a journey", anyone who contemplates using the law to compel medics to commit the termination of life is repugnant. He suits 21st century FF to a tee.
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