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I am making that point about mortgage holders for weeks now,
Couple A happy to rent 150k income get a month rebate
couple B With 20 years left on a mortgage combined income of 50k get nothing,
Absolutely crazy,

But but but FFG alphabet soup.

Oh, and something about Leeks.

So SF is the best.
Pearse Doherty going full on Balotelli:

This is the guy, remember, who decided it would be a good idea to let fireworks off in his bathroom back in October, and who apparently thought it was a good idea to dress up in a Santa Claus costume over Christmas and go out into the street handing out money to passers-by.
Well, this week’s Super Mario rumour, catching fire on Twitter yesterday, is that the Italian pulled into a petrol station the other day and told the cashier he’d pay for everyone’s fuel.

Is Minister For Justice Helen McEntee expecting again?
Thanks SF.

Cop cars getting rammed, daylight stabbings in Dublin, total pandemonium wrt immigration.

The sooner she focks off on permanent maternity leave the better.

^On point, FG can't even get justice right, I predict the second spell of Leo spell as Taoiseach will end in a total car crash. They need a long period in opposition, and we need a break from them.
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14th Dec 2023 @ 8:30 pm
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