The Munster Rugby Thread 2019/20

This has been an absolute shambles from the start. Carbery is a busted flush at the moment. He's doing nothing but running sideways then popping the ball of to lads with the glasgow defence a foot away from them. Excellent rugby from Glasgow it has to be said though.
The insistence that Carbery still has something has been blasted out of the water since he was dropped by Ireland.

Munster now landed with him with Healy going. Crowley at 12 has to be nipped in the bud now.
The drop goal was the clincher. You'd always back yourself when up by more than 4 converted tries.

Casey made a massive difference but I wouldn't blame Patterson too much, Carbery was that bad you could have any SH in there.

Nash was excellent all game though. Wycherly had a great scrum half off the bench and so did Buckley. Hodnett was much improved too but way too little, too late.

You'd have to think the air miles to South Africa will be the only bonus they'll get from the trip(s).

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