the lough ass monster

The Lough Arse Monsters stuck together like two dogs, turned away by the nuns at the Bons eventually seperated by the AE at the Mercy.
that jax must have witnessed many a coming together,
i was often given names of the 2 lads involved but at this stage
i say i have 20 different names
Id say every public toilet has stories like yours.Heard one where the boys from the corporation had to power hose two benders out of another public toilet.
Dirty feckers!!!
Anyone hear the one about the fella that fell in one night off his tits on yokes and swam to the island instead of the shore! the firebrigade were called and brought him back in a punt... hahahahhahaa I know the same fella too, true story ;)

Driven Snow
Coughlan's, Douglas St.

17th Feb 2023 @ 7:30 pm
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Corban Walker: As Far As I Can See

Crawford Art Gallery, Today @ 10am

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