the company christmas party..............

Another year at our Christmas party, there was a sublimely sexy piece working with us. I had "showed" during the year but the lass was a little aloof and I'd had no luck. Anyway, I got her out on the dance floor for a "clinger", and while we were dancing she was as close as she could be with her nose pushed in against my armpit. Afterwards, my male colleagues were all congratulating me on my successful perseverance and I was lapping up the compliments.
However, the crude reality was slightly different. While we were dancing, one of the other people on the floor left off an almighty "drink & dinner bomb". This explained why my partner seemed to favor a very "intimate" dancing position.
Worked with a fella that had a different manager to me that he personally just didn't like.
My buddy was a loud charismatic authentic charming fella, his manager was a little rat with no social skills and whose job was his whole identity.

We had a yank colleague over from the states who stayed for our Xmas party and he bought my buddy a few whiskeys over shop talk. My buddy always said he doesnt do well after whiskey.

Anyways whilst having a pow wow with your man , my buddy says he doesn’t like his manager, doesnt trust him etc…

It got messier and the next day my buddy got fired out of the blue. This is the day after the Xmas party.

Seemingly he told the yank he would like to kill his manager , the yank told his manager who called in HR, wanted to get the police involved etc….. Took it as a serious death threat. My buddy dismissed pretty much there and then, a few weeks before xmas.

I have no doubt it was an somewhat innocent comment made after a shitload of drink , but my buddy got fired and kinda spiralled for a few years and struggled with depression, money woes and blamed a lot of people. I always thought he was extremely hard done by.

To be fair to him, he said he couldnt actually remember saying it but it said that at the same time he doesnt doubt that he did.

Be careful who you chat to about what, i think my buddy was in the firing line already but this was the perfect excuse to get rid of him.


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The echo usually print a list of what not to do at the office party, it always says not to snog mary from accounts

That's probably because Mary from accounts is a munter - Anne in accounts is well worth a snog though, and perhaps a bit more if as rumour suggests she's up for it. But wear a wellie 😇
My company is foregoing the sit-down meal this year and have booked a function room above a pub and arranged finger food. No expense spared.

It kicks off at 5 in the afternoon so there's plenty of time for all the petty grievances that have been festering all year to be drunkenly spewed out.

I'm obliged to show a face as a part of the management team, but I don't really have dealings with the coal-face so I'm torn between sneaking off at the earliest opportunity or kicking back with a Beamish and watching the carnage once people get oiled and lippy. I'm planning the former but I suspect after a few pints I'll be itching to watch the car crash.

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