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Climate action: What are the new Government measures?

Plan on climate change contains almost 200 actions to ensure Ireland meets targets :

Homes/Heating /Electricity
The Government aims to retrofit 500,000 homes. Under the new plan, homeowners could choose to pay for the cost of retrofitting their homes to make them more energy efficient through higher property tax or electricity bills. A new “easy-pack” model for retrofitting homes will be examined by the end of the year. Improving the energy efficiency of homes is a major element of the plan, with the midlands earmarked for a “major house-retrofitting programme”.

The plan says that 70 per cent of all electricity will come from renewable sources by 2030 (up from 30 per cent). A pilot scheme to allow homeowners sell electricity generated through solar panels back to the national grid will be introduced, with the scheme rolled out across the country by 2021.

The installation of oil boilers will be banned from 2022 – and gas boilers from 2025 – in all new homes. The required regulation for this will be enacted this year.

By the end of this year all buildings undergoing major renovation – defined as more than 25 per cent of the “building envelope” – must bring the rest of the building up to a minimum Ber B2 rating.
Tax tax and more tax. That's all it is. Wont matter a jot. Nothing more than a vehicle to placate middle class guilt. Much like the marriage referendum and the infanticide ref, its nothing more than fine Gael marketing, aligning themselves with in mode policies to distract them from housing and healthcare.
Not sure how feasible it is to expect fitting houses with PV panels to heat a few electric appliances let alone sell the electricity back to the grid.
It’s going to be very expensive to fit air to water heat pumps into existing houses replacing the fossil fuel boilers.
No oil heating in 3 years?

Ye will be out of government by then fucko. Take it along with your Ireland 2040 and shove it up your bollocks Leo.
Could be just what mary Lou needs..a campaign against this could see many lapsed voters return

She'll have to join the queue, Michael Fitzmaurice has been out of the traps already scaremongering about people being forced to plant forests on their land, the Healy Rae jobshites won't be long following suit.

The populists will always prioritise getting votes over saving the planet.

There will be a lot of opposition to plans to increase our dependency of wind generated electricity even though it has to be done.

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