Taxpayers footing bill for reckless immigration policy?

When push comes to shove most people will want to conserve what they have rather than share with
another, in spite of his or her own stated beliefs or a history of receiving help. It is basic human indecency and the core conservative impulse.
Yes lets bring all Irish who are put up in a hotel by foreign governments back
No, let's bring them all back, house them, build extra hospital spaces for them, pay those doctors and nurses the equivalent of what they're getting abroad. Create jobs for the others coming back, pay them the equivalent of what they're getting abroad... Etc etc etc.
Lets start with the 1.2 million persons employed in Irish multinationals abroad.
I know for a fact that. ' Simon ' were inundated with Irish homeless people after they were told to leave their assisted accommodation to house the Ukrainians. Same with Irish families holidays cancelled for same.
It doesn't bode well for relations with the Ukrainians when this is happening.
Another person who owns a childcare facility was asked to cancel the people on her waiting list who were booked for their children to be minded in September when they went back to work, in order to accommodate Ukrainians instead. She would have received more money for the Ukranians, but she declined to cancel the original people ....and rightly so I think.

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