Supreme Court upholds the rights of Homeschooled children


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That kinda raises another issue that imho has not been properly explained. As I understand it, GDPR regulations mean that you are not allowed retain information other than that for which it was originally intended. So for instance, if in applying for a driving license you give your DOB and address for the issuing of the license, then once the license has been issued the information of your DOB and address can not be stored by that department.

It got me wondering, how come information on the Junior Certificate exam is retained and used to calculate predicted grades when afaik it was never stated to anyone doing the Junior Cert that such information would be retained in order to predict grades for the LEaving Cert. Many students used do very well in the Intercert and relatively poorly in the Leaving Cert, and vice versa. This retention of the Junior Cert results in order to influence the calculation of a predicted Leaving Cert grade is questionable imho

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