Stephen Kenny Reign

When is the "s" going to be formally added to this thread title?

I've been unconsciously adding it for a couple of years now when I scan the thread titles.
Reading an article on internet which claimed that Steve Bruce, Big Sam or McCarthy could be offered the job.
Anyone but McCarthy again please but it isn't a promising candidate list when all is said and done!

Not a hope in hell they'd bring McCarthy back.

Not an attractive position either tbf for potential candidates.
Chances are if you get someone like Bruce or Big Sam, they'd be ultra pragmatic and play hoof ball again, seeing it as best way that a fairly limited squad may qualify via either a handy group or maybe via Nations league play offs like North Macedonia or Finland did few years ago.
All because Didi Hamann wants to play 1-10 formation.

Yes Stephen Kenny needs to go.
Although he was and did try to do the right thing.

No reason we should be bus parking and looking for a Packie Bonner to Niall Quinnus to Robbie Keane scenario in 2023.

At least Stephen Kenny had a vested interest in Ireland winning. Big Sam or Steve Bruce won't give a tuppenny proverbial
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