Slogging apples.

What a scene.

Stealing apples/chessies (horse chestnuts) from another persons home.

I've been involved in this scam in the past.

There was an orchard out near the Model Farm road many, many moons ago.
An uncle of mine was the watchman there.

Man, we creased the gaff.

I went back to the northside like a laden mule. We were eating apple tarts for about 4 years afterwards.

I was also involved in a chestnut heist near that pub down by Parklands.

We were chased by a gringo in a Jeep.

I hid by a ditch, the chaser was about 3 feet from me but never saw me.

Me heart was up to me mouth.

Why do youngfellas do this shit?

There is no way in hell I could take the pressure of a potential severe beating, these days.

What about the rest of ye?

Any bloke on here who hasn't slogged apples is a pure failure.

Apparently it's called "orchard thieving" now according to the LFI.

(Langers Forum Intelligensia).

"Put a beggar on horseback......."

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