Sinn Fein are not a Normal Political Party ??

Dowdall is indignant that MLMD described all the scumbags involved in the Regency Hotel incident as scumbags. Wow!

Good to see confirmation that it was the Dissidents and the "Contos" involved. Scumbags.

Just on a legal side of things, and I've no idea whether or not any or all of the recordings will be ruled as admissible in the juryless court, is it not a bit bizarre that the recordings which haven't as yet been ruled as admissible or non-admissible are being reported verbatim (presumably) in the news? :unsure:
I have no love for arlene, but it was a complete lack of respect. people who long for a united ireland throw out these warm fuzzy words like understanding, compassion etc, all BS

Agreed it was a total lack of respect shown to AF. But the subsequent pearl-clutching by loyalists about it was astounding given AF's association with known armed loyalist terrorists both as First Minister and subsequently.

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