Sinn Fein are not a Normal Political Party

And get rid of the drug dealers and addicts from the area.

That's not down to CIE or Bus Eireann or even the Minister for Transport. That's a Garda and Minister for Justice issue which is being completely ignored. And, alas, it's not confined to in and around the bus station (where in a lot of cities such criminality exist) - it's rife on the boardwalk, the North Mall, Washington Street too. That these scrotes are brazen enough to shoot up in plain sight just off major thoroughfares speaks volumes about the laisez-faire attitudes of the authorities :mad:
So the SF/ IRA Army Council have no confidence in their puppets to sort out their current difficulties so, they have decided to give one of their own the job of seeing what went wrong for them in the latest elections here.

Low and behold but who is it, but Martin Ferris, one of the top men on the Army Council.
This particular scumbag was a serving TD ( for of course SF/IRA ), when he went with others to collect that other terrorist scum who murdered a Garda Detective, from prison.

Yet people out there still want these fucking scumbags in Government in this country.

SF/IRA = Scum

Cormac Ó Caoimh
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26th Oct 2024 @ 7:00 pm
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