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It's nepotism if there is favouritism shown because of being related to someone. If there is no waiting list for a school then there is no issue.
If there is a waiting list and the only reason one child gets in ahead of another is because a parent went there is about as clear a case of nepotism as you can get.

I'm glad you've cleared up your previous statement Pooman. So all other things being equal the fact that someone's parent was in the same school is not nepotism.

As for a waiting list at CBC - Guy I knew from Kerry (our sons played on the same club team together) and his wife from wahfud I think had their son enrolled in CBC before I had. He just rocked up with the requisite fees before I was able to. There was no advantage to my youngster getting in that I'd been there other than I suppose he liked the fact that I still have great pals from the school over 40 years on.

Even when I was a member of the PPU committee this Kerry guy had his son in before my son was in so I don't get why you think it was nepotism rather than the fees that got him in. 🤷‍♂️

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