Sabina Higgins


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Sabina has come up with a proposal to end the war between Ukraine and Russia.
I see the model of the GFA being mooted to pardon the Russians


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There are Longstanding ties between Higgins and Russia. Remember Sean Garland and his visits to Russia and printing dollars. A bed fellow of the Higgins.

Hank Scorpio

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Her letter was published on the President's website and later deleted.


She's done plenty of damage with her ill thought out bullshit. Look at how this is being recieved.


The message from the Irish government is clear on the moral choice we face: Ireland stands with Ukraine and condemns the Russian invasion and aggression.

Sabina Higgins' letter was deeply disappointing and its publication on the President's website was simply wrong.
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Hank Scorpio

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She effectively said that the Ukrainians should start talking with the occupiers, the rapists and castrators of their people ie war criminals, and significantly the Russian ambassador endorsed her letter!

No mention of Russia being the aggressor.

Yet again the occupants of the Aras embarrassing the office of President.

Nice propaganda win for Russia.

At the very least they should apologise for that appearing on the official President's website.

The ego on these assholes is something else.

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