Russia's unjustifiable war of aggression in Ukraine


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Nice, another view of it!

@Swanforthelough I wonder how the use of self-directing German made SMArt 155 munition will make a change (posted few pages ago). It will for sure as this weapon is a top notch piece of technology.

Sorry didn’t realize you had posted earlier but was lost with the back and forth with those two morons.

It’s clear the systems and Ammo trump anything the Russians have but quantity is the issue still.

I still hang my coat on August with things going the other way and think Kherson is going to come into play big time. Russia used more ammo in 48 hours this week than most modrate NATO counties possess in total. I just don’t see how they can keep going with this scorched earth policy and have lost 50% of their troop numbers in many cases. They keep us guessing but something has got to give at some point.

If they don’t pause now to reload and reorganize for 4-6 weeks I think it will be a fatal mistake.

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Yeah, then for some time it might be difficult to catch up on the posts, so I even pasted a link to start of today's update ;)

Here it is again as it is some pages already and some peeps want to check on thread after work:
today's update from me starts here [click]


I am not getting into it again now, no worries!

From the news not published yet on main media I would point the attention to:

- the death of NS2
- Turkey trying to change the rules on Bosporus
- a total fiasco of Belarussian campaign against LT and PL
- additional sanctions introduced this week against Russians and their families
- supplies to UA such as already mentioned Mi8 from Slovakia, some additional artillery, long range missiles
- have a look at the sky, what is happening there due to FIN and SWE joining NATO can give all aviation maniacs goosebumps
- a big change in Germany's politics, same shift with French
- something is telling me we can expect Chinese having their word (well, they were chasing Russian cutter in the Chinese Sea two days ago)
- get your popcorn ready as there will be more news on Russian fallen economy ;)

Sorry didn’t realize you had posted earlier but was lost with the back and forth with those two morons.

It’s clear the systems and Ammo trump anything the Russians have but quantity is the issue still.

I still hang my coat on August with things going the other way and think Kherson is going to come into play big time. Russia used more ammo in 48 hours this week than most modrate NATO counties possess in total. I just don’t see how they can keep going with this scorched earth policy and have lost 50% of their troop numbers in many cases. They keep us guessing but something has got to give at some point.

If they don’t pause now to reload and reorganize for 4-6 weeks I think it will be a fatal mistake.

Nah, sorry my fault again ;)

Your video is from a different camera - good :)

Yeah, the quantity over quality perk does not apply any more I'd say. The only use Russians have for their artillery last week or two is shelling static targets like towns and villages. More and more reports coming and saying that they are losing ammo depots in the back (the Russians are losing).

The panic on the bridge Crimea-Russia also did not come from nowhere.

I am also standing with August as a turning point. All signs on sky and earth are confirming it. Ukrainians yesterday stated they are expecting the war to keep for a year at least. They are 1km from Kherson on the South, if the UA will cut off Crimea, it will be so interesting to see what Russians will do, as effectively they are risking being totally encircled with no supplies at all.

Yesterday Doneck attack on Russian supply depot, rail station and other targets resulted in over 200 Russians killed and twice the number injured. This seems to be a revenge for Russian attack on Jaworow in Western UA at start of the war, where foreign volunteers were badly hit.

An update on the post pasted here with excitement and which has been straightened by me. Oh my, so I was right, the troll was wrong - what a surprise!

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Russians bombed a "strategic bazaar" during the rush hour while people where getting food in Slovyansk, there are killed and wounded. There is a video in the article with some dead bodies, so viewer's discretion advised.

But this is something really interesting now:

Google had a mishap.  He allowed Russia to collect Ukrainian data

After Russia's aggression against Ukraine, Google joined international sanctions by restricting access to its services. However, not all of them - the Russian advertising company RuTarget, despite the ban, was able to obtain critical data from Ukrainian internet users for four months thanks to Google.

Russia's attack on Ukraine in February caused the largest American companies to leave the country of the aggressors completely or significantly reduce their presence. Also Google , which cut off Russians from its advertising and monetization services. Additionally, in early April, the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on 42 Russian companies , blacklisting them.

As it turned out, Google unknowingly cooperated with one of these companies for four months, and thanks to this, the Russians gained access to critical data of Internet users from Ukraine.

Google Ad Exchange and Google Adsense infiltrated by Putin's services

Digital advertising analytics company Adalytics has revealed that Google has allowed Russian company RuTarget, which has been blacklisted by the US Treasury, to access its Google Ad Exchange and Google Adsense systems.

RuTarget is an internet marketing agency that deals with the sale of on-line advertising, monitoring network traffic, including obtaining and analyzing data on the interests of Internet users using browsers and mobile applications. The range of RuTarget's activities included, among others, Ukraine. The company also operating as Segmento is owned by Sberbank , a large state-owned bank in Russia, which is also subject to sanctions.

The Adalytics company identified nearly 700 cases (and there could have been many more), when RuTarget collected data of Internet users browsing Ukrainian websites after the Russian attack and after the imposition of sanctions . The data exchange between Google and RuTarget only ended four months after the outbreak of the war, on June 23, when researchers alerted Google to the leak.

What was this data? It turns out to be quite important. RuTarget had access to critical information such as unique cell phone identifiers, IP addresses, location information, and detailed information about users' interests and online activity.

According to the researchers, this type of data, aggregated with information collected from other sources, can be used by Russian secret services to track individuals, track them down, arrest and even physically liquidate them. It also facilitates the actions of Russian hackers and cybercriminals.

Google spokesman Michael Aciman responded to the case, saying that his company cut off RuTarget from its advertising services in March. However, the spokesman's statements show, although he did not explicitly admit it, that the Russian agency was still accessing Google's data through intermediaries. This continued until researchers at Adalytics raised the alarm.

However, the problem is more complex and does not affect just one RuTarget company. The advertising service exchange systems that Google earns on allow the uncontrolled flow of data and money . As a result, Google ads continue to appear on websites of sanctioned companies in Russia, Iran, and Syria.

source based on: ProPublica, Adalytics
Some western MSMs didn't quite get the answers they expected from interviewing some Ukrainians.

Sky News Australia had retired US Colonel Douglas MacGregor on speaking a few home truths...

The poor Presenter didn't know how to reply, just said what about sending more Bushmasters, yeah, they worked out really good last time.



A bit of good news to brighten up your day, the Norwegian oil strike has been resolved.

Canada are dropping a few strict rules for joining their military...

If you're a dog lover, be warned that this video is distressing, apparently it shows a Ukrainian soldiers at a petrol station in Dnepropetrovsk shooting a dog dead.

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an liathroid beag

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Kyiv asks Turkey to probe three more Russian ships it alleges transported stolen grain​

Ukraine has asked Turkey to help investigate three Russian-flagged ships as part of Kyiv’s efforts to probe what it alleges is the theft of grain from Russian-occupied territory, according to official documents.

Stolen Grain?
In a June 13 letter, which hasn’t previously been reported, the Ukrainian prosecutor general’s office asked Turkey’s justice ministry to investigate and provide evidence on the three named ships it suspects have been involved in transporting grain allegedly stolen from recently occupied Ukrainian territories, such as Kherson.

The letter, which Reuters reviewed, said the ships travelled from Crimea’s main grain terminal in Sevastopol in April and May and pressed Ankara to obtain documentation about their cargo and arrival at Turkish ports. Russia annexed Crimea in 2014.

All three large dry bulk carriers - Mikhail Nenashev, Matros Pozynich and Matros Koshka - are owned by a subsidiary of a Western-sanctioned Russian state-owned company called United Shipbuilding Corporation, according to Equasis, a shipping database. The Russian company didn’t respond to a request for comment.

If it is established that United Shipbuilding Corporation transported grain from recently-occupied Ukrainian territory, it would add to emerging evidence of the involvement by Russian-state owned entities in exporting what Kyiv alleges is stolen goods. Ukraine has publicly accused Moscow of stealing grain since the February invasion; Russia has repeatedly denied it has stolen any Ukrainian grain.

The Russians have some form on this, Stalin stole the Ukrainians food in the 1930s which resulted in 3.9 million Ukrainians starving to death--"the Holodomor"
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Some updates in the morning:

Makeevka. Attack on the military facility of DPR - "Technosab"

CEASAR SPG working on the fields of UA:

some news on loses too. In Lisychansk the commander of the Belarussian battalion has fallen. "Brest" was a charismatic leader, with him some other Belarus volunteers were KIA and MIA, a little number allegedly got captured. Slava Gerojom!

Breaking News: The Rassija uses wheeled APCs made in the West. Another breach of sanctions by NATO allies!

some disturbing news in the next post. Another example of the German business it seems...
So here is the news I wanted to share. Seems ze Germans are drowned in bloody business with Putin's regime deeper that we thought. NS/NS2 is just a tip of an iceberg it seems. No wonder they are not happy to get the peace quick, no wonder they are so "slow". When the war ends, all those scums will be investigated. It is not in the interest of corrupted German "elite". Same thing I was saying two-three months ago...


FYI: Mulino is where German Rheinmetall company was building (in their own words):

"Measuring over 500 square kilometres, the state-of-the-art Russian army training centre in Mulino designed to train a reinforced mechanized infantry or armoured brigade"

Mulino was modelled after the training center of Bundesehr in Altmarkt. In order to proceed with the construction, the Rheinmentall entered in the strategic partnership with Russian stated owned defence company Oboronservis.


That was the high point of Serdyukov's reform. Serdyukov tried to modernise the Russian army importing ready solutions from the West: from the armaments to the tactics. And the Rheinmetall was more than ready to help to train the Russian troops


Rheinmetall planned to build "the most advanced system of its kind worldwide" and able to train 30 000 troops per year
There is strong evidence that Rheinmetall broke sanction regime. After 2014 it could not supply its equipment directly, because of the sanctions. According to the Russian Deputy Minister of Defence, after Rheinmetall it was the Russian "Garrison" company which finished the center


Here we see the "Garrison" company as one of major purchasers from Rheinmetall Image

Some examples of shipments from 2019. Russian "Garnison" company was finishing the center (which Rheinmetall started) and it was buying equipment from Rheinmentall. Most probably, Garnison was just a proxy.

Image Image

Initially Rheinmetall built the Mulino center to "train a reinforced mechanized infantry or armoured brigade". And indeed, in 2020 the Russian Western Military District declared they'll make a "unique training center for tank forces" in Mulino


1. Rheinmetall AG was building the infrastructure to train the Russian land army
2. There is indirect evidence of the Rheinmetall AG bypassing the sanctions through a Russian proxy company "Garnison" as late as in 2019
Lots of materials on the training center for the Russian army built in Mulino by the Rheinmetall AG are obviously deleted but fortunately their press release is still available on the company website

Image Image Image
PS. If we look at where the Russian "Garnison" company which finished Mulino training center after the Rheinmetall was importing, we'll see that 100% of its imports are from Germany (Германия). With Rheinmetall being of course the main supplier. Russian company was just a proxy


source: Kamil Galeev @kamilkazani
"Bye bye Miss American HI(MARS)....reports coming out that two of the much vaunted American HIMARS have been destroyed, i better add 'allegedly', don't want to upset anyone, comes with a video, can't tell if it's 'photoshopped'.

Your Bulgarian buddies are now running with this story Bolek, who to believe...

German Economic Minister says not enough LNG Tankers in the World to be able to supply and deliver enough LNG to replace Russian gas.


An English version of that news.

I hope we don't have any Ukrainian Intelligence Officers that read the PROC, 'allegedly' hackers have released all the data on them, an example of one of the pages.

Ukrainian Intelligence.jpg

Satellite images show emptied Russian military base near Finnish border

The re-located equipment is enough to arm one battalion or roughly 800 soldiers, according to Russia expert Marko Eklund.
Alakurtin varuskunta satelliittikuvassa 26.6.2022. Kuvaan on merkitty punaisella alueet, joista on lisäksi tarkemmat kuvat.

The Alakurtti base in a satellite image from June 26, 2022. Image: Airbus DS, kuvankäsittely: Otso Ritonummi / Yle

Satellite images obtained by Yle have revealed that much of the military equipment at Russia's Alakurtti military base near the Finnish border has been removed.
No information on the possible relocation of troops or equipment has been made public in Russia.
Since mid-May, more than 100 vehicles have departed from Alakurtti, including dozens of armored personnel carriers. This number of vehicles is roughly equal to a battalion's combat division. Such battalions consist of approximately 800 soldiers.

This indicates that roughly one-third of the 2,000 soldiers stationed at the base have left during the same period.
"It's very likely they were transported by train to Ukraine," military expert Marko Eklund estimated.

The location of the Alakurtti military base is marked on the map.

Image: Otso Ritonummi / Yle

Close proximity to Finland​

Due to its close proximity to the Finnish border and its troops specialized in fighting in arctic conditions, the Alakurtti Brigade is the most significant Russian unit north of the Arctic Circle for Finland.

Based on satellite images and publicly available information in the spring, Alakurtti was the only military base in the vicinity of Finland that had not yet sent an entire combat unit to the war in Ukraine.




Another good episode, this time on Kiliningrad:

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"Bye bye Miss American HI(MARS)....reports coming out that two of the much vaunted American HIMARS have been destroyed, i better add 'allegedly', don't want to upset anyone, comes with a video, can't tell if it's 'photoshopped'.

Just to straight some information. HIMARS was not destroyed, currently every bush shot at is the HIMARS (well, same from the other side, every successful attack by UA is with HIMARS). This fake info was distributed by Igor Konashenkov, this guy:


This piece of shit is the leading propagandist in Russia (this is actually his work) of the Department of Press Service and Information of the Ministry of Defense of Russia. Anything this twat posts is straight fake in fairness - that's his job.

The alleged video suppose to show four (4) HIMARS set together in range of Russian systems, when HIMARS outrange every Russian system (especially the type showing on that fake video). The video is even better as if you have a closer look at laser aiming on it, you will laugh (the little bouncing point).

Here is even some thread from Ukrainians laughing at this troll:

Yeah, yeah Ukrainians are distributing the proof of their alleged failure, the trolls will say. Yeah right, they did the exception for this fake - I will say xD

So nothing matches to their narrative actually. No secondary explosions, HIMARS still operating in UA, RIA reports on two systems, when video shows four, HIMARS is never parked like that, the RU drone is flying above their heads when HIMARS operates far back and always under umbrella of AA systems.

OK, but to clarify further. If the HIMARS (four of them) where destroyed on that attack, why then HIMARS is operating in various areas in Ukraine (always far from behind the front line)? Yeap, this is a rhetorical question.

Just to remind you, Igor Konashenkov is behind distributing the fake news on secret biological labs in Ukraine where West is working on biological weapons xD He also stand behind the great success of Snake Island. This guy was claiming RU have destroyed numerous Ukrainian landing attempts on the rock, he only forgot to mention that Ukrainians were bombing it ALL THE TIME since Russian orcs got on it xD Well, this works for orcs, as they are used to be under friendly fire xD
He is producing content only some half-brain idiots would catch into. You know, like the fans of secret bio labs, nukes and nazis in Ukraine xD

Today's list of successes via RIA Novosti - a state propaganda tube our shitposter here loves to take "verified info" from (my comments in brackets):

- 2x HIMARS (LOL, when on the alleged video there should be four)
- temporary deployment point for the 22nd Motorized Infantry Battalion of the 92nd Mechanized Brigade in Kharkov (ie up to 100 "Ukrainian nationalists" and four units of military equipment) (there was no any form of bombing confirmed)
- six command posts of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (I think in that rate the RU must produce the Ukrainian officers themselves, as they reported more killed than Ukraine has)
- point of temporary deployment of foreign mercenary units in the Limana region in Mykolaiv Oblast (zero confirmation of any attack, zero confirmation of any camp etc., zero information on deaths in standard sources - white intel)
- six ammunition depots (again zero proof)
- 27 enemy concentration areas (they probably shot at but again, zero confirmation anywhere, with this amount that would be a significant news worldwide)
- S-300 radar guidance station in Soledar (any proof needed again, how they would do that? With drones against S300 system, same applies to planes? the system is deployed outside operation area of RU forces)
- Russian aviation destroyed a rocket and artillery storehouse of the 57th mechanized brigade, in which 1.5 thousand units were stored. missiles of various caliber and more than 100 foreign anti-tank missile systems (LOL, what can I say, just LOL that kind of target would be visible by satellites if destroyed, guess what? no sign of this happened, it is easy to compare with RU depots blowing all over the place, surely no evidence of that. Wonder why?)
- Su-35 fighter planes (according to RU propaganda they shot down three times more UA planes so far than they ever had xD)
- shot down two Mi-24 helicopters during the air battle in the area of Nikolaevka and Snegirevka settlements and one Su-25 aircraft, (as above, anyone ever heard about "air battle" in this war? LOL this is total bullshit, with UA domination and multiple portable land-air systems all over the place RU are not even flying, even Gerkin in last interview confirmed that all they can do is try to shot and run away without getting second approach due to UA superiority, he also said that RU can barely use air force as the only option is to stop charges as then UA does not have all the troops under the AA umbrella - another bullshit from RU)
- anti-aircraft defense also shot down a Mi-8 helicopter and 11 drones during the day (again, RU already shot couple times more than UA ever had xD)
- and intercepted nine Ukrainian Tochka-U ballistic missiles in Donbas and Kherson (that would be another great success, it is strange you cannot see any evidence of it, unless they "shot them down" over enemy land, which is bizarre knowing that RU cannot even approach that close with their shit equipment)
- and 8 multiple-start missiles (unfortunately they forgot to mention what missiles, but it sounds great isn't it? Maybe they were shooting down Elon's SpaceX xD)

On top of that RU already claimed, which I mentioned above, that they shot down three times more planes UA ever had, they also killed more officers UA ever had. What I find funny, apparently there is NEVER a proof it happened, you can compare it with the evidence provided by UA.

So long story short, only this shit was worth commenting on and providing the clarification to utter bullshit this imp posted again. The rest of his revelations is not even worth to comment upon.

PS. This twat Konashenkov also was a youtube star recently, when for the third time as far as I know he called the guy from UA who calls all widows and families of the killed Russians telling them they have died (the same guy who was advising them to put some sunflower seeds to to their pockets so when they will fertilize UA fields at least nice flowers will grow). I only have seen it with PL subtitles, couldn't find with ENG ones, but if I come across I will post her. I find it hillarious when they try to intimidate the guy and Konashenkov is also threating him for which in respond he is being told what type of piece of shit he is and where he can those threats in (all with loads of laughs on, they can do shit).

Here is one of alleged systems destroyed by Russians. This is probably what they wanted to claim as S300 system. Well, this was a S300 launcher abandoned in Kherson region. Look how smart orcs are xD So then, a classic maskirovka, they destroyed something, but by the time it was released it mutated, clone itself and made it bigger. Well, this is not only maskirovka (I would like to believe Russians are that professional). This is one of the biggest issues RU have. Their reports are not for reporting, but to please the politicians pulling the strings. So we have flowers like this posted later ;)

Seriously, how dumb someone must be to do the above. Oh well, in RU standard the guy who got the idea must be some genius ;)

Oh I know how dumb! Like the troll we have here! Konashenkov is a whore taking money for what he is doing and it seems he enjoys it. Our local idiot does it for free or peanuts ;)

We would probably never learn what happened to all the scaremongering from the start of the war. When one paranoid midget, former KGB spy, currently leading mafia in Russia and walking on high hills to cover being a midget was claiming that he will destroy everyone and everything with his nukes if he needs to. LOL

This muppet:



With this lovely accent at the end, have a nice evening everyone!
Ooops not everyone, you know who I am talking about. The guy who if not the Internet, no one would know apart from his mother how dumb he is ;)
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