Russia's unjustifiable war of aggression in Ukraine

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No examples? Oh well, this discussion is so bizarre that I am passing. Maybe someone else will have a will to continue. I really do not the point as it is hard to discuss with someone's believes and assumptions. No offence. Russians significantly helped in Brexit, no one said they created it. Le Pen would be long time gone if not Russia (after her father was gone from politics). Sure there would be more nationalists, Russia supports those twats all over the world, including Ireland.
Talking nationalism as you above is copy and paste Russian narration.
You just won't face the fact Russia is not behind the world's problem. Boris Johnson is notoriously pro Brexit and he is on the Ukrainian, you also having been able to prove that Russia is somehow different from any other country, a conservative gvt in power.
What there is in the world is a decidedly anti Russian bias, blame Moscow for everything.
I usually do not face the delusions ;) Russia and "conservative" you should give me a number to your dealer :) Russian government is quasi-democracy (rather authoritarian mafia ruled country) based on USSR mafia and special agencies style of ruling. Surely, for you Taliban must be then a bright example of "conservative government which is somehow different".
You should write it down somewhere, you can be good in stand-up :)

I wonder what had to happen to you to try to protect criminals known for doing the same since always :)

That "anti-Russian bias" is a fruit of RUSSIAN UNPROVOKED ATTACK ON UKRAINE where they committed numerous acts of war crime and who are destroying the country in the sake of imperialism.

There is no hope for you, I'm afraid...

OK, I found the summary of the loses. It looks like the war is getting to what we were saying here many times - slow burner. Exactly what Russia would like to have (if only they would have resources to do it). Funny thing, you probably missed the info that Russians would need to pay back their debt shortly otherwise the country will be bankrupt. So Russians decided to pay back in RUB (no one wants it, US even started freezing Russian assets for the future payment), the issue is the set RUBUSD exchange at.... 54:1, before the war it was over 70:1, and currently on the black market it is almost 200:1.


Also please keep an eye on:
- Kherson front
- Ukrainian attacks with drones like on platforms recently (it seems to be a drone used there not harpoon as at first was claimed)

This is what was seen from Odesa last night. Wonder what was it.


- Severodonieck (Ukrainians are moving back in line with what was assumed couple weeks ago. Russians will be trumping success, but no UA forces got encircled and loses are higher on Russian side)


- British possibly recognizing the DPR as terrorist organization and trying to do something with captured and sentenced for death Brits. All they would need to have is permission from Ukraine to perform action on their terrain (legal part) which is simply "pro forma". Question now, do they have enough balls to send SAS there? I wonder what Russians wanted in exchange and they did not get it - one of the captives was calling to family yesterday advising he is waiting for the execution.

- MORE equipment going to Ukraine (and not from GER or FRA), I am trying not to post too much info ;)
- There are going to be provocations in the Baltics (I would like to see Putin's face, when after they sent over their heli to Estonia, couple of hours later French paratroopers landed and on the sky there were immediately French Mirage with nukes on board).


@ Catcha

Why do you keep replying to the Russian Troll/Bot. Nobody is interested in their lies and propaganda.

But you are facilitating their objective by destroying the thread. Just put them on Ignore and continue posting good information.

Fair point, I am actually stopping it as it is like discussion with the blind on variety of available colors ;) On the other hand it is good to know what from orcish propaganda soaks into the heads of the ones under Russian influence. Most of it is basically lack of knowledge and being misinformed by Russians :)

I am off today, so you may expect more stuff being posted :) I will look for some videos and stuff. Will check if some nice propaganda is also released, and by "nice propaganda" I meant things like the below:


and another earthquake in Russian army allegedly:

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Some random news:

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Yesterday, 22-06-2022 12:59

Attack on oil rigs in the Black Sea. Russian soldiers are missing

About 60 Russian soldiers are reported missing after Monday's Ukrainian attack on Russian-seized gas drilling rigs in the Black Sea, Ukrainian journalist Roman Cymbaliuk reported on Facebook.

After the attack on the drilling rig, Russian soldiers were declared missing
After the attack on the drilling rig, Russian soldiers were declared missing Source: East News , photo: MIHAI BARBU

As Roman Cymbaliuk emphasized , there were at least 120 people on the platforms. The evacuation of 27 Russian soldiers has been confirmed.
"Drilling rigs were used by Russian forces as observation points, from which the Black Sea and the coastline were monitored . At the time of the attack, about 30 civilian workers (and about 90 soldiers - PAP) were on the platforms. Civilians reportedly did not suffer during the shelling and were evacuated" - reported Cymbaliuk.



A Russian video from the 16th of June where you can see how Ukrainian artillery is destroying Russian munition stock in Donbas.


In the Zaporizhzhya region, the Russians dismantled and took out the largest solar power station in Ukraine​

В Запорожской области россияне демонтировали и вывезли крупнейшую в Украине солнечную электростанцию

The Tokmak Solar Energy Solar Power Station, with a capacity of 50 MW, was located on an area of 96 hectares, in the village of Novaya, near Tokmak.



This is a follow-up on the Belarussian and Russian claims of Polish allegedly committing mass murders on illegal immigrants push by Belarussians towards the EU.

Baghdad: No evidences of Iraqi immigrants’ executions on Polish border​

 Baghdad: No evidences of Iraqi immigrants’ executions on Polish border

Belarusian-Polish border. Photo: Sputnik

Baghdad ( – The Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Wednesday that there are no evidences so far of mass executions of Iraqi immigrants on the Belarusian-Polish border, according to a statement of the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Al-Sahaf.
“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had previously directed the Iraqi embassy in Warsaw to coordinate with the Polish authorities after information circulated by the media that Iraqi immigrants were exposed to life-threatening risks,” Sahaf said.
Sahaf explained that the Iraqi embassy in Warsaw, last February, coordinated with the concerned authorities in Poland and made sure that the circulated news in foreign and local media are inaccurate.

The Foreign Ministry spokesperson indicated that there are no documentary or legal evidence of mass executions on the Polish-Belarusian border, such as eyewitnesses, videos or photos.

Sahaf also added that no Iraqi citizen has filed a complaint regarding what has been mentioned in the news.
Media sources reported that an Iraqi delegation discussed with the Belarusian authorities the accuracy of information provided by the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Belarus regarding the killing of Iraqi refugees on the Polish border



Another traitor down :)

There was information about the murder of a "servant" collaborator​

TEXT: ALEXANDER IVANITSKY , June 22, 2022, 12:10

There was information about the murder of a collaborator servant

Photo: Servant of the People
There is no confirmation of the death of Kovalev

People's Deputy Kovalev, who betrayed Ukraine and went over to the side of the occupiers, was allegedly eliminated in Hola Pristan.​

In the city of Holaya Pristan, Kherson region, people's deputy Alexei Kovalev, expelled from the Servant of the People faction, was killed, who went over to the side of the occupiers. This was announced on Wednesday, June 22, by former NABU freelance agent Yevgeny Shevchenko

The Kherson OVA claims that this information is not true.

There is no official confirmation or refutation yet.


Recall, the State Bureau of Investigation established that the deputy is cooperating with the occupying forces of the Russian Federation in the temporarily occupied territory of the Kherson region.

Kovalev was expelled from the Servant of the People faction.

Today, 6/23/2022 06:55

Putin and Shoygu's plan in disarray. They won't raise their army of "disposable soldiers"

They were referred to as "disposable soldiers" because, on the battlefield in Ukraine, a Russian recruit can usually be sent into battle only once - he is killed or wounded immediately afterwards. Russian conscripts on a massive scale avoid being called to the army. From this year's plan to appoint 150,000 of young people under arms, Russian military officials have implemented only 26 percent.

Spring conscription to the Russian army has failed.  Young Russians are avoiding vocations en masse
Spring conscription to the Russian army has failed. Young Russians are avoiding vocations en masseSource: East News , photo: Pool Sputnik Kremlin

- Spring conscription soldiers will not be sent for a special operation in Ukraine. They will serve in Russia, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu assured back in April. Spring conscription to the army was then announced . In less than two weeks, several stories have been discovered that contradict his words. Yegor Szkrebets, a Crimean cook who had been incorporated into the Russian navy shortly before, died on the destroyed Russian cruiser Moscow.

His father, Dmitry, alerted the local media and publicly inquired about how it happened that a conscript immediately entered the service on a warship. The soldier's father was contacted by other parents looking for their sons, who had been called up for military service and lost in Ukraine.

A similar story was publicized in the media in Dagestan. Arsen Khachajbragimov and Karib Sultalijew were to serve in the Belogrod Oblast on the border with Ukraine. Ultimately, they found their way to the Ukrainian front. The military promised Khachaybragimov's mother that he would return to service in Russia, but this did not happen until June 20, the local newspaper Chernovik reported.

Panic in Russia. There will be no conscripted army

- Due to the distrust of Russian propaganda and military officials, the spring conscription campaign completely failed. Russian conscripts are hiding from summons to serve, they are leaving the country, writes Petro Burkowski, journalist of the Ukrainian Media Detektor service. He estimates that despite the plan to appoint 150,000 less than 40,000 recruits joined the Russian army. men (26 percent of the plan). Conscription is expected to end on July 15. This means that Russia will not quickly gather forces which, after training, would join the ranks of the fighting in Ukraine.

Media Detector based its report on official communications from the Russian district military commissions. Here are some examples: in Samara, out of 3200 conscripts, 100 showed up for the service. In the Voronezh region (close to Ukraine), out of the planned 2800 callings, about one hundred were entered into service. Orenburg and Saratov provided around 400-500 recruits - one fifth of what was planned. The head of the draft commission in the city of Nizhny Novgorod boasted about the implementation of the conscription plan at 44 percent. In turn, in the republic of Tula, every third recruit went to the army.

The Magnitogorsk administration did not give the numbers, but the official Grigory Kosenok at a press conference threatened that evaders would pay 3,000. penalty rubles. - These are people who have received several summons and still avoid coming to the military station. Without a certificate of completion of service, they will not find legal work, he said.

- According to our information, the Russians have huge problems with recruiting to the army. Already in the first days and weeks of the war, many young people of recruiting age left the country, for example, for Georgia. Those who remained in Russia are now doing everything possible to avoid being drafted into the army , says WP Irakli Komaxidze, an analyst at InformNapalm, which analyzes the Russian media and describes the backstage of the war in Ukraine.

He estimates that the funerals of the Russian "heroes and liberators of Ukraine" took place even in such distant and small communities as Chukotka (the north-eastern corner of Russia). Therefore, conscripts have a feeling that being called to a military commission is a risk of death or injury in Ukraine.

Who are "disposable soldiers"?​

The Russian commanders themselves call the new recruits "disposable soldiers." This is because, as inexperienced, they usually die or get wounded on the first task. The wording became known when the Ukrainian intelligence overheard the conversation of Russian officers from the front in Donbas. "Drop 40 more disposables here, drop 50 more disposables there," ordered one.

The "disposable soldiers" are, apart from the Russians, the inhabitants of the occupied territories in Crimea, Kherson, and the vicinity of Lugansk and Donetsk, who are forcibly enlisted. 30 trucks with "disposable" vehicles are to be delivered to the front in Donbas daily.

- I do not see any chances for a quick reconstruction of the human potential of the Russian army. In Ukraine, they executed experienced non-commissioned officers, the core of the front-line officers. Rebuilding the morale of such a beaten and scarred army is a task for years, not - several weeks of preparation - said the Polish Army Col. res. Andrzej Kruczyński from the Institute of Social Security, former GROM officer, participant in missions in Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq.

According to the Ukrainian media, Russian conscripts are escaping e.g. to Montenegro, where there is a center for "military age refugees". Boys from the intelligentsia houses of St. Petersburg and Moscow are to go there. As the center's founder reported, "they do not want to fight, they believe that Putin's team are old men who drag the country into a bloody conflict."

Parallel to the conscription in Russia, contact soldiers are being recruited for the war in Ukraine. It is also supposed to be reluctant, because mostly contract soldiers refuse to extend the contract. To break this resistance, Russian governors and mayors are racing to promise volunteers extra money and various bonuses. For example, the wives of the soldiers of the Rosguard unit could benefit from free mammography, visits to the gynecologist and gastroenterologist. In turn, the children of the soldiers of the 106th Airborne Division will go to the Black Sea colonies for free.


What was I saying over a month ago from now about this? ;)
So fresh it is still steaming ;)

Congressmen introduce bill to train Ukrainian fighter pilots

ByDylan Malyasov

Jun 23, 2022
Modified date: 5 seconds ago
Photo by Andrew Lee

U.S. Air Force Veterans Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger and Democrat Congressman Chrissy Houlahan introduced a bill to train Ukrainian fighter pilots and crews on US military air assets.

The Congressman’s letter to the United States Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said that the military aid the United States and other NATO countries provided to Ukraine gave its forces the defensive ability to stop Russia from conquering Kyiv and installing a puppet regime. That is a significant accomplishment. But it has not stopped the war, nor brought Vladimir Putin to the negotiating table to seriously discuss a potential end to hostilities.
“As Air Force veterans, we know that in any conflict with an opposing military, one of the first actions our Joint Forces will take is to establish air supremacy,” the letter says.” Based on public reporting, neither the Ukrainians nor the Russians have established air superiority. We believe the U.S. and our NATO allies can help Ukraine change the situation in the air domain and give Ukrainian forces a decisive advantage in the war.”

According to a press release from Adam Kinzinger, this bill would allow the United States to begin training Ukrainian pilots and air crew members on F-15’s, F-16’s, and other air platforms while the Administration continues to consider sending such equipment.

The Representatives remain hopeful that there won’t be a need for further escalation, but they both agree that it’s critical for the Ukrainian military to be trained and familiar with these air platforms should Russia continue their malign campaign against Ukraine’s sovereignty. Regardless of whether the United States and its allies deploy such equipment, this program will strengthen the Ukrainian military and ensure their long-term stability and security.

“The resilient people of Ukraine are defending themselves against Putin’s war better than most of the world ever thought possible, which is exactly why we must maintain our support at this critical moment,” said Rep. Houlahan. “Because this conflict continues to rage on, we need to rethink our long-term strategic planning to help our Ukrainian allies—this includes training pilots on additional aircraft that might become available to them. It’s simple: should our military decide to transfer aircraft, we need their pilots to be ready to utilize them immediately. Our bipartisan effort will ensure that training happens. The United States continues to be a stalwart supporter of Ukraine’s fight for sovereignty, shown by the additional $1 billion in security assistance authorized this week. As an Air Force veteran, I’m especially grateful to work with Rep. Kinzinger on this critical step forward in the fight for democracy around the world.
Meanwhile, Fox News reported that a Ukrainian fighter pilot asks the US for additional fighter jets.

Ukrainian fighter pilot ‘Juice’ and Ukrainian aerial defense specialist Lt. Col. Denys Smazhnyi discuss why Ukraine is pleading for more military aid from the U.S. as Putin’s assault continues, according to a Fox News report.

On top of that, Ukraine, sent a letter to Congress on March 8 stating Ukraine needs additional aircraft, including Western-made platforms and weapons.


Wooden dummy tanks on the border between Belarus and Ukraine

In the areas bordering with Ukraine, Belarus has erected wooden dummy tanks, said the representative of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.
Publication: 22/06/2022 15:00

(illustrative photo)

(illustrative photo)
Foto: Adobe Stock

Oleksandr Motuzianyk, spokesman for the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, informed at a press conference that wooden "tanks" had been spotted at the border with Ukraine.

- In order to carry out operational camouflage and demonstrate their presence, units of the Armed Forces of Belarus place wooden dummy tanks in the areas bordering Ukraine - said Motuzianyk, quoted by the RBC-Ukraine portal.

A possible response to the restrictions introduced by Lithuania in rail transit between Kaliningrad and Russia will be of a practical, not diplomatic nature, said Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Less than two weeks ago, Belarusian ruler Alexander Lukashenko suggested that Belarusian troops might be forced to fight for Western Ukraine so that it would not be divided by the West. The Belarusian authorities also announced the continuation of military exercises on the border with Ukraine and Western countries.

On Tuesday, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in a daily statement on military operations after the invasion of Russian troops said that "in the direction of Volyn and Polesie (on the side of the Belarusian border - ed.) There were no significant changes in the activities of the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus". According to the Ukrainian Border Guard, "there is a risk of missile attacks from the territory" of Belarus.



And also some news from potatofuhrer :) He stopped for a while with his rhetoric on Polish queueing on the PL-BY border to buy salt, as the sanctions imposed caused chaos in the EU - seriously :)

Belarus digs trenches on the border with Ukraine - the media

izyum 06/23/2022
The armed forces of Belarus are equipping fortifications along the borders with Ukraine and the EU.
The military began digging trenches on the border with Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania, the Belarusian publication Belaruski Gayun reports on Telegram.

Threat from Belarus: Lukashenko began “training” on the border with Ukraine
Posted by / Hajun_BY

A map of the trenches that the Belarusian military digs

The telegram channel has published a list and location map of trenches and trenches equipped with fire points :
• with. Poddobryanka (Gomel district of the Gomel region.);
• with. Podgalie (Elsky district of Gomel region.);
• with. Glushkovichi (Lelchitsky district of the Gomel region.);
• Between the agricultural town of Zhidce and s. Hoyno (Pinsky district of the Brest region.);
• Between with. Noviki and. p. Sopotskin (Grodno district of the Grodno region.);
• Near s. Odelsk and the borders with Poland (Grodno district of the Grodno region.);
• Between with. Losha and the border crossing of Losha (Ostrovetsky district of the Grodno region.).

Belarus places wooden dummies of tanks on the border with Ukraine. The threat of missile attacks on Ukraine still remains. Now there is a test of the combat effectiveness of the Belarusian troops.

Here you go @Barry K O Bama I posted all this thinking of you and that recently there was not much from me and as being bored I started discussion with our dearest comrade :)
random stuff:

Some Azer guy posted a video taken in Dagestan (Russia) - LOL, world class trolling by the farmer :)

Some poster were captured in occupied Crimea. It say: Gas rigs were just the beginning. There will be more later.


Half Russian separatist force dead or wounded - UK

By Paul Kirby
BBC News

DNR (Donetsk People's Republic) fighters take cover behind an abandoned tank on a frontline position in the centre of Mariupol, 27 March
IMAGE SOURCE,GETTY IMAGES Image caption, Separatist fighters in Mariupol in March

Russian and Russian proxy forces in the Donetsk region of Ukraine have suffered heavy casualties, according to UK intelligence officials.
They estimate the Donetsk militia alone has lost 55% of its original force.
Russian forces are focused on conquering all of neighbouring Luhansk, aiming to encircle the city of Lysychansk, say Ukrainian leaders.
Regional chief Serhiy Haidai said there had been "colossal destruction" in the city.

He said the situation in its sister city of Severodonetsk was "hell", and quoted the mayor as saying some 7,000-8,000 civilians remained there.
UK military intelligence said Russia was very likely aiming to deploy a large number of reserve units to Ukraine's eastern Donbas, which is made up of Donetsk and Luhansk.

It drew attention to the "extraordinary attrition" suffered by Russian and Russian proxy forces in Donbas. While Russia has for months avoided detailing its casualties, the human rights ombudsman in the so-called Donetsk People's Republic said last week that 2,128 of its forces had been killed and 8,897 wounded. A further 654 civilians had been killed, said Daria Morozova.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in his late-night address on Tuesday that while Luhansk was currently the toughest area, the invading army was also "putting serious pressure on the Donetsk direction".
In a separate development, Russian forces fired seven missiles at the southern city of Mykolaiv on Wednesday, according to local leader Vitaliy Kim, who did not give details of casualties.


This info was confirmed by other sources too


It says: One of the largest Russian brokers suspended the payment of foreign currency from "Finam" accounts and does not spend dollars and euros "for technical reasons".


From yesterday:


Oh I found a video showing the drone attack on occupied by Russians refinery. The comment is the best: Look it must be Ukrainian drone, oh shit why they hit us? LOL

This drone (after online investigations) is not military one, it is refurbished and used as kamikadze by Ukrainians. You can actually buy one of those on Aliexpress ;)


and let us wrap up nicely with the example of Russian misinformation :)


They shifted a bit from claiming Poland will intervene to reclaim lost land after ww2 ;)

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MARIUPOL, Ukraine (CBSDFW.COM) – A nuclear scientist from Texas, who's credited with designing sensitive technology found in dozens of laser-guided weapons systems used by the U.S. military, was rescued from war-torn Ukraine.

Members of the non-profit rescue organization, Project DYNAMO extracted John Spor from Russian-occupied territory deep in the country.

Spor, was living in Mariupol, Ukraine, when the city was attacked and occupied by invading Russian forces in February. Following the siege and unrelenting brutal artillery and missile attacks, he fled his home and went into hiding.

Chechen-Russian forces ransacked his home and hunted Spor for months, according to a spokesman for the organization.


Project DYNAMO successfully exfiltrated American nuclear scientist, John Spor, from Ukraine on June 22. PROJECT DYNAMO

A news release explained that "due to the sensitive U.S. national security interests of his work, Spor is considered a high value target to Russian forces and intelligence services."

According to Project DYNAMO, Spor's sister contacted the U.S. State Department, Senator Ted Cruz and U.S. Congressman Randy Weber to request emergency evacuation assistance for her brother.

They recommended the non-profit, an American, veteran-run, donor-funded, rescue organization specializing in challenging exfiltration missions from hostile regions around the world. It took more than a month to rescue Spor.

"Project DYNAMO has been with our family every step of the way through this nightmare. DYNAMO has been the answer to our family's prayers," said Lauri Weigle, Spor's sister. "We are in amazement that he is finally on his way to us and safe after months of hoping and praying."

Co-founder of Project DYNAMO, Bryan Stern, a highly decorated U.S. military officer, moved Spor through Russian territory, crossing more than 30 Russian checkpoints and into Ukraine. Stern employed a series of complex tactics and techniques, honed over many years of government service, to mask Spor, his location, and his movement from Russian security services. Project DYNAMO was able to rescue Spor via Kherson and through Mykolaiv and he is now enroute to a neighboring country where is family is eagerly waiting.

"I'm so grateful for Project DYNAMO and the support they have provided to me and my family during this time," said Sean Spor, John's son, who flew to Europe for the reunion. "They've rescued my dad from harm's way and I am eagerly awaiting his arrival."

To date, the organization has rescued more than 2,000 people from the most war-torn, contested, and Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine and transported them safely to neighboring countries, according to the release.


No fizzy drinks this summer Sasha ;)

"Kommersant learned about the lack of carbon dioxide from beverage producers

Problems with the purchase of CO2 have been observed since the end of May - beginning of June, the newspaper writes. The deficit is estimated at 10–20%. Soda producers fear supply disruptions could occur

Manufacturers of carbonated drinks are facing a shortage of carbon dioxide, which, they fear, may cause supply disruptions, a retail source told Kommersant. The presence of the problem was also confirmed by the interlocutor of the newspaper in a large manufacturer.

Problems with the purchase of gas have been observed since late May - early June, the newspaper writes. An interlocutor among soda producers connects it with a reduction in the supply of fertilizers to foreign markets (carbon dioxide is a by-product in their production). Among other reasons, sources cite increased demand for gas from other industries, including the chemical industry, and scheduled repairs at some CO2 plants."

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