Russia's unjustifiable war of aggression in Ukraine

"Bye bye Miss American HI(MARS)....reports coming out that two of the much vaunted American HIMARS have been destroyed, i better add 'allegedly', don't want to upset anyone, comes with a video, can't tell if it's 'photoshopped'.

Just to straight some information. HIMARS was not destroyed, currently every bush shot at is the HIMARS (well, same from the other side, every successful attack by UA is with HIMARS). This fake info was distributed by Igor Konashenkov, this guy:


This piece of shit is the leading propagandist in Russia (this is actually his work) of the Department of Press Service and Information of the Ministry of Defense of Russia. Anything this twat posts is straight fake in fairness - that's his job.

The alleged video suppose to show four (4) HIMARS set together in range of Russian systems, when HIMARS outrange every Russian system (especially the type showing on that fake video). The video is even better as if you have a closer look at laser aiming on it, you will laugh (the little bouncing point).

Here is even some thread from Ukrainians laughing at this troll:

Yeah, yeah Ukrainians are distributing the proof of their alleged failure, the trolls will say. Yeah right, they did the exception for this fake - I will say xD

So nothing matches to their narrative actually. No secondary explosions, HIMARS still operating in UA, RIA reports on two systems, when video shows four, HIMARS is never parked like that, the RU drone is flying above their heads when HIMARS operates far back and always under umbrella of AA systems.

OK, but to clarify further. If the HIMARS (four of them) where destroyed on that attack, why then HIMARS is operating in various areas in Ukraine (always far from behind the front line)? Yeap, this is a rhetorical question.

Just to remind you, Igor Konashenkov is behind distributing the fake news on secret biological labs in Ukraine where West is working on biological weapons xD He also stand behind the great success of Snake Island. This guy was claiming RU have destroyed numerous Ukrainian landing attempts on the rock, he only forgot to mention that Ukrainians were bombing it ALL THE TIME since Russian orcs got on it xD Well, this works for orcs, as they are used to be under friendly fire xD
He is producing content only some half-brain idiots would catch into. You know, like the fans of secret bio labs, nukes and nazis in Ukraine xD

Today's list of successes via RIA Novosti - a state propaganda tube our shitposter here loves to take "verified info" from (my comments in brackets):

- 2x HIMARS (LOL, when on the alleged video there should be four)
- temporary deployment point for the 22nd Motorized Infantry Battalion of the 92nd Mechanized Brigade in Kharkov (ie up to 100 "Ukrainian nationalists" and four units of military equipment) (there was no any form of bombing confirmed)
- six command posts of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (I think in that rate the RU must produce the Ukrainian officers themselves, as they reported more killed than Ukraine has)
- point of temporary deployment of foreign mercenary units in the Limana region in Mykolaiv Oblast (zero confirmation of any attack, zero confirmation of any camp etc., zero information on deaths in standard sources - white intel)
- six ammunition depots (again zero proof)
- 27 enemy concentration areas (they probably shot at but again, zero confirmation anywhere, with this amount that would be a significant news worldwide)
- S-300 radar guidance station in Soledar (any proof needed again, how they would do that? With drones against S300 system, same applies to planes? the system is deployed outside operation area of RU forces)
- Russian aviation destroyed a rocket and artillery storehouse of the 57th mechanized brigade, in which 1.5 thousand units were stored. missiles of various caliber and more than 100 foreign anti-tank missile systems (LOL, what can I say, just LOL that kind of target would be visible by satellites if destroyed, guess what? no sign of this happened, it is easy to compare with RU depots blowing all over the place, surely no evidence of that. Wonder why?)
- Su-35 fighter planes (according to RU propaganda they shot down three times more UA planes so far than they ever had xD)
- shot down two Mi-24 helicopters during the air battle in the area of Nikolaevka and Snegirevka settlements and one Su-25 aircraft, (as above, anyone ever heard about "air battle" in this war? LOL this is total bullshit, with UA domination and multiple portable land-air systems all over the place RU are not even flying, even Gerkin in last interview confirmed that all they can do is try to shot and run away without getting second approach due to UA superiority, he also said that RU can barely use air force as the only option is to stop charges as then UA does not have all the troops under the AA umbrella - another bullshit from RU)
- anti-aircraft defense also shot down a Mi-8 helicopter and 11 drones during the day (again, RU already shot couple times more than UA ever had xD)
- and intercepted nine Ukrainian Tochka-U ballistic missiles in Donbas and Kherson (that would be another great success, it is strange you cannot see any evidence of it, unless they "shot them down" over enemy land, which is bizarre knowing that RU cannot even approach that close with their shit equipment)
- and 8 multiple-start missiles (unfortunately they forgot to mention what missiles, but it sounds great isn't it? Maybe they were shooting down Elon's SpaceX xD)

On top of that RU already claimed, which I mentioned above, that they shot down three times more planes UA ever had, they also killed more officers UA ever had. What I find funny, apparently there is NEVER a proof it happened, you can compare it with the evidence provided by UA.

So long story short, only this shit was worth commenting on and providing the clarification to utter bullshit this imp posted again. The rest of his revelations is not even worth to comment upon.

PS. This twat Konashenkov also was a youtube star recently, when for the third time as far as I know he called the guy from UA who calls all widows and families of the killed Russians telling them they have died (the same guy who was advising them to put some sunflower seeds to to their pockets so when they will fertilize UA fields at least nice flowers will grow). I only have seen it with PL subtitles, couldn't find with ENG ones, but if I come across I will post her. I find it hillarious when they try to intimidate the guy and Konashenkov is also threating him for which in respond he is being told what type of piece of shit he is and where he can those threats in (all with loads of laughs on, they can do shit).

Here is one of alleged systems destroyed by Russians. This is probably what they wanted to claim as S300 system. Well, this was a S300 launcher abandoned in Kherson region. Look how smart orcs are xD So then, a classic maskirovka, they destroyed something, but by the time it was released it mutated, clone itself and made it bigger. Well, this is not only maskirovka (I would like to believe Russians are that professional). This is one of the biggest issues RU have. Their reports are not for reporting, but to please the politicians pulling the strings. So we have flowers like this posted later ;)

Seriously, how dumb someone must be to do the above. Oh well, in RU standard the guy who got the idea must be some genius ;)

Oh I know how dumb! Like the troll we have here! Konashenkov is a whore taking money for what he is doing and it seems he enjoys it. Our local idiot does it for free or peanuts ;)

We would probably never learn what happened to all the scaremongering from the start of the war. When one paranoid midget, former KGB spy, currently leading mafia in Russia and walking on high hills to cover being a midget was claiming that he will destroy everyone and everything with his nukes if he needs to. LOL

This muppet:



With this lovely accent at the end, have a nice evening everyone!
Ooops not everyone, you know who I am talking about. The guy who if not the Internet, no one would know apart from his mother how dumb he is ;)
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Some update from IWS:

The #Kremlin continues to prepare for a protracted war by setting conditions for crypto-mobilization of the economy and largely initiating an operational pause in #Ukraine. However, Russian forces still conducted limited and unsuccessful ground assaults across all axes on July 6. Such attempts are consistent with a Russian operational pause, which does not imply or require the complete cessation of active hostilities. It means, in this case, that Russian forces will likely confine themselves to relatively small-scale offensive actions as they attempt to set conditions for more significant offensive operations and rebuild the combat power needed to attempt those more ambitious undertakings.

and some maps from it:




Do you remember that "protester" from the start of war in Russian state TV? I was posting here that she is a Russian spy and it was staged. Well apparently it took a while for the lads from BND to get the same ;)

This is how Russians are influencing the Western media.

There are unconfirmed information that UA received GMLRS ammo. This would actually match what the witnesses are saying, that you cannot hear the projectile coming only the explosion and then the sound. Those are supersonic afaik.

After Kazakhstan announced that they will send their resources to EU and that they will not back the Russians in UA the RU blocked oil pipe saying it is because of "environmental reasons". Right Russia and environmental reasons ;) It is getting better:

It says: A war with Kazakhstan is brewing. Russia has blocked their oil supplies through the port, Kazakhstan is blocking the funds of Rosbanks. In the north, they began to issue Russian passports en masse. Fuhrer's insults?

Apparently UA is back on Snake Island:

and the video:

To finish up this post.

- Russia is threating US saying they will come and get "historically Russian Alaska" ;) seriously
- There are reports of many explosions in Donbas/Donieck. Russians are not allowing to video it but it seems to be something big, we will learn soon :)

*they must have used the HIMARS which was allegedly destroyed xD
*they must have used the HIMARS which was allegedly destroyed xD

Phoenix HIMARS! western technology is sure great! (y)

this muppet now claims that two were destroyed, when on yesterday's fake he posted there should be all four UA has ;) And then to prove his point he posts reuters's article confirming no claims by Moscow are confirmed :ROFLMAO: I wonder what will be next as US confirmed sending NASAMS systems, already on the ships and ETA two weeks:


But the moment of the day is that this imp claims ISW is not reliable source of information for him, despite he posts here all possible fakes from RIA, Sputnik and RT as if he got a posting diarrhea :ROFLMAO:

to add some value.

Lithuania rejects any form of "the corridor" (sounds familiar?) to Russia via their country:

Russia is so corrupted it is beyond any imagination to civilized world:

A court in Moscow arrested the head of the scientific center of the Academy of Missile Sciences Andrei Grudzinsky
He is charged with particularly large fraud. What exactly became the reason for such accusations is not indicated


source and more info (Russian source):

I think this could be related to the fact that the mighty Russian Iskanders are rather deciding to come back to where those where shot from than going into the target. Like on the below example from last few hours over Belgorod (RU). So the reality confirmed what analitics where suspecting. The Russian long range missles (and Iskanders can lift nukes) are shit and absolutely non-reliable:

Here it is:

it says: Rockets launched by the fascist Russian Federation took off from Belgorod, turned around and went home to die. But these are the same Iskanders that can carry a nuclear charge. In the place of the rashists, I would not even stutter about nuclear weapons, because there is every chance of shooting themselves both in the legs and in between the legs.

Meanwhile on the Eastern flank of NATO:


Now this one here is a classic propaganda tweet, but it makes me laugh when reading our beloved retard's posts here ;) hahaha

Hahaha this one is interesting. The vice-chancellor of Germany asks Canada to hand over the compressor from Nord Stream 1 to Russia. Vice-chancellor and economy minister Robert Habeck says that returning the compressor to Russia will remove the excuse that allowed the Kremlin to limit gas supplies to Germany, reports Bloomberg.

OMG I cannot believe it hahahahaha this Habeck must be some sort of comedy genius ;)

Germany’s Habeck Urges Canada to Help Thwart Putin on Gas

  • Economy minister calls for release of Nord Stream component
  • Russia may use stranded turbine as grounds to fully halt flow
Robert Habeck

Robert Habeck
Photographer: Liesa Johannssen-Koppitz/Bloomberg
Brian Platt and
Arne Delfs
July 7, 2022, 9:31 AM GMT+1Updated onJuly 7, 2022, 10:48 AM GMT+1

Germany’s vice chancellor made a public plea to the Canadian government to release a turbine that’s caught up in sanctions against Russia and critical for gas flows to Europe.

Economy Minister Robert Habeck told Bloomberg that the turbine for the Nord Stream 1 pipeline needs to be returned before maintenance work begins on Monday. Releasing the component would remove an excuse for Russian President Vladimir Putin to keep the conduit closed.

“I’ll be the first one who will fight for a further strong EU sanction package, but strong sanctions means it must hurt and harm Russia and Putin more than it does our economy,” Habeck said in a phone interview late Wednesday. “Therefore, I ask for understanding that we have to take this turbine excuse away from Putin.”

Germany is facing the prospect of rationing energy in the coming months, which could hit businesses and consumers and drag Europe’s largest economy into recession. Officials have warned that Russia could shut Nord Stream long term after the two-week maintenance period on Russia’s biggest gas link to Europe. Flows were already slashed by 60% in June over the turbine issue, hampering Germany’s efforts to store sufficient supplies for the winter.

“We need capacities in Nord Stream 1 to fill up our storage,” said Habeck. “Filled storage capacities in Germany are not only important for the German market, but as well for the European market and for the security of supply in Europe.”

The supply squeeze has unsettled gas markets. Europe’s benchmark futures, which have doubled in value over the past month, on Thursday were headed for the longest stretch of daily gains in more than nine months.

The higher prices coupled with a supply shortage is putting companies such as Uniper SE at risk. Germany’s biggest buyer of Russian gas is in talks with the government over a bailout as it struggles to fulfill delivery contracts amid the price surge. Habeck said the situation risks creating “cascading effects” for Germany’s energy system.

European gas prices rise further amid fears over Russian flows

The turbine, built in Canada by Siemens Energy AG, was sent to Montreal for repairs but became stranded due to sanctions on Russia’s oil and gas industry announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government last month. Acknowledging the legal bind created by the Canadian sanctions, the vice chancellor proposed a workaround.

“If it’s a legal question for Canada, I want to make clear that I’m not asking them to deliver it to Russia, but to bring it to Germany,” Habeck said. “It is with a heavy heart that we had to ask for this.”

G-7 Wrangling​

The unusual public appeal came two days after Chancellor Olaf Scholz held a call with Trudeau on European energy security, and a week after the prime minister was in Germany for a Group of Seven leaders summit, which focused in large part on fallout from Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Canadian officials were non-committal when asked about Germany’s plea for help on the sanctioned turbine.

“We will not stop imposing severe costs on the Putin regime while their unjustifiable invasion is ongoing,” Ian Cameron, a spokesman for Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson, said by email. “We will continue to support our European friends and allies by working to help stabilize energy markets and to develop long-term and sustainable solutions on energy supplies.”

Habeck said Putin may exploit the turbine issue to threaten Germany’s gas supply despite the fact the pipeline can still operate. He said he believes state-run Russian gas giant Gazprom PJSC, which operates the pipeline, has another working turbine it could use in the meantime.

Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

A gas receiving station along the halted Nord Stream 2 pipeline project in Lubmin, Germany.
Photographer: Krisztian Bocsi/Bloomberg
“We shouldn’t make the mistake that we believe Putin’s propaganda,” Habeck said. Returning the equipment before the scheduled shutdown might not resolve the issue, but it would undermine one of Putin’s potential arguments for keeping the pipeline closed afterward, he added.

“If we want to take this road of excuses away from him, I’m calling on the Canadian government not to wait too long and make the decision before the maintenance period starts,” Habeck said. “Otherwise I’m quite sure that Putin will find a political problem in the pipeline.”

Europe is facing its biggest energy crisis in decades, with prime supplier Russia curbing gas shipments in retaliation over sanctions and Europe’s military support for Ukraine. Germany is rushing through legislation this week that allows it to rescue struggling firms in an effort to limit the effects of a supply crunch and surging energy costs for consumers.

Soon after the Siemens turbine was stranded last month, Gazprom slashed flows through Nord Stream. The summer is a critical time to replenish reserves needed to heat homes and run factories over the winter. The country is targeting 90% capacity by Nov. 1. The level stood at 62.6% on Wednesday.

Share of natural gas imports coming from Russia, 2020​


Sources: Eurostat, U.S. Energy Information Administration, Austria's Ministry of Climate Protection
Note: Data for 2020 are not available for the U.K. and Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2019 data are shown in those countries. Norway imported 10 million cubic meters of gas from Russia in 2020, but as a net exporter is not dependent on Russian imports.
Other turbines are still in Russia, but Gazprom has said not all of them are working. The energy giant cited orders from the state safety regulator to stop using equipment that’s due for regular maintenance.

Habeck said he understands why sending the pipeline back could be politically controversial for Trudeau’s government, citing the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada -- the largest in the world outside of Russia.

“I know that they are carefully thinking through the situation and I completely understand the situation they have to balance,” he said, declining to express frustration with Canada’s delay in making a decision on the turbine.

Habeck instead cited Germany’s past policy mistakes and his personal duty as a cabinet minister in explaining his plea for Trudeau’s assistance.

“It’s part of the oath I have given to the German people” to ensure energy security, he said. “It was a grievous mistake that Germany was so dependent on one country with the energy supply, and this country is Russia.”
You really do have reading comprehension Bolek, which is it? i said two HIMARS were destroyed or four? oh right, i said two :rolleyes:

"The M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System, commonly known as HIMARS, is one of four that Ukrainians received last month"

Ukrainians claim to have six, Sleepy Joe said they're sending/have sent four more so is it 4, 6 or 8 they have minus the two destroyed of course, maths seems to be hard for the Yanks and Ukrainians.

You morron, you do not even know what fakes you are posting. On the video there allegedly where four next to each other, you must be blind. Ukrainians say they have 4 and waiting for more which will arrive this month. Dementi on Russian fantasies are all over the media from all around the world today. Deal with that you clown.

Btw. this is how a hit looks alike and this is not even HIMARS packed with explosives hahaha Guess where the orcs got beaten on that video.

Source: European Council on Foreign Relations:

Source: New York Times:


You are nothing but fake. Delete the account. How is your midget king getting on? Still making enemies everywhere apart from well known vanguards of freedom and democracy such as Syria, North Korea, Eritrea, Venezuela or Myanmar?

You were barking earlier on BRICS mighty power being counterweight for crippled West. Where is it?


The blueprint of Russian propaganda is always the same. So the waive of fakes and higher activity of trolls must be linked to something, something they would like to hide and publishing this crap they are aiming at internal and external recipients. And as those two are totally not in-line (they have different brainwash for RU and the world) it is so easy to spot it is fake.

I would risk saying this could be the reason of their recent higher activity (apart from the 4th July, but I believe these fireworks are correlated hahaha):

Some insights into Russian brains (washed and tumble dried by Kremlin):

It starts getting to them they are being cheated only when bombs are starting to fall on their heads. A month ago all were going to denazify Ukrainians and take away their children LOL. I am not even sorry for them zombies.
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I'm sure you wouldn't mind listing some of these 'enemy' countries, outside of the US lapdog ones like the EU, Australia, Canada, Japan and a few more....

African countries? South American countries? most of Asia and Middle East countries? i mean "only" 35 UN members abstained, over half the entire Global population.

As for BRICS, it seems to be doing quite well, Argentina and Iran have applied to join it, fairly sure Brasil is very happy with Russia saving their harvest.

It's a shame the clown show in Brussels is shooting itself in the foot and we the ordinary citizens have to suffer, seems the farmers have had enough though.

Dutch Farmers

Shops are feeling the effects of the farmer protest

Things could have gotten very bad very fast as Armed Dutch Police showed up waving guns at farmers and even getting a few shots off.

Next it was the turn of the German farmers

Followed by the Polish

and lastly, so far, the Italians.

As The opening words of Shakespeare's Richard III say, "Now is the winter of our discontent"

Some nice price rises for oil, gas and coal

View attachment 13216

Maybe the Ukraine Economy can weather the storm

Here you go Bolek, treat yourself to an early Christmas present, calm your nerves a bit as you got triggered very badly in the past few days.

Anything on the topic or just trolling away you fake idiot? Say something about one of your lords - Medviediev and his threats @Roxetten just posted :)


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