Russia's unjustifiable war of aggression in Ukraine

Let us move to the Russia internal affairs. I already mentioned that their budget is getting reduced as a sign of their economical power ;)

Let us start with how Russian rocketry is getting on. So last night they shot 7 rockets into Dnipro region. 6 were shot down but non-existent Ukrainian AA ;)

There are some serious actions planned to show the strength of the mighty Kaliningrad oblast. The Russians are going for the ultimate weapon, they just proposed changing its name from Kaliningrad (honoring Kalinin, the butcher responsible for Katyn massacre) to Vladibaltiysk (sorry I have no idea how to write down this monster in English transcription) to commemorate a butcher of our days - tradition which will make Konigsberg ethernal ;)

Speaking of, Vlad had a meeting with Kaliningrad gubernator recently ;)

Here are some traditional play time of orcs, you know, the standard Russian thing based on their superior culture:

(yeah I know it is propaganda entry, but who cares!)

It must be amazing in Russia, last time when orcs decided to bring religion to the army was in 1941, when they allowed people to churches for masses shortly before expected attack on Moscow.

so fucking amazing high end military equipment :love: and people in PL were laughing on "mobile altars" some years ago xD





Papa the paedo-protector tries to go to their master again. I wonder if this time this imp will get a chance to touch his bare chest xD I feel so sorry for Catholics having such a "leader" ;)


It must be terrible for anyone coming outside the Russian bubble. In all media there are news that great Russian Army have conquered... flattened and abandoned Lisychansk. LOL Zero POWs, no equipment taken, just smoking rubble left. All that after over two months of bleeding xD


Well, the bridge supposed to be the cherry on the cake... not this time my friends xD
Russians are claiming the preparation are on the way to make a referendum (under Russian control) to split Germany again and then put RU bases in DDR, Gotland must "return" to Russia, Finland should also "return" Prikalskiy region xD All that topped with RIA Novosti article, titled:


Which translates roughly to : Americans are celebrating one of the last Independence Days

There is more news last 72 hrs. So bizarre that I hardly believe someone sober was making these in Russian media xD

Plus on top there are plenty news about support from West to Ukraine.

The map our halfwit posted claiming that everyone will pay to build Ukraine is funny. It could only be created by a retard xD So let me just mention, that the map was a proposal to the inviting countries and their business to rebuild UA. This is a huge deal for the rebuilding ones, as this will be funded not from their own pocket and gives an advantage later in making business. Same shit happened many times in the past, and only Russian "rebuilding" or Chinese was literally robbing the country from the leftovers. Well, but again, this is only a proposition made by probably EY or similar and taking into account strength of economy and potential use of the countries' corpos (and experience). That would be it from that dramatic post of Shamboshitter.

Surely, this map is controversial, like Germany being assigned to the richest region where the war is already over, despite their performance. Well, some trolls will feed from it for weeks ;)

Czech and Polish tanks are all deployed in UA (total over 250 units)

Swedish prime minister visits Ukraine:

We have seen those fakes here too I believe ;)

Ukrainians Territorial defense managed to secure the first delivery of 11 Italian MLS SHIELD vehicles:

MLS SHIELD capacity is 10 people, including the driver. The wading depth of the water obstacle is 1.5 m. The roof of the armored vehicle is adapted to accommodate a rotating turret. MLS SHIELD uses a chassis developed and manufactured by Mobile Land Systems. The weight of a fully equipped armored car can reach 13 tons. It has a 6-speed Alison automatic transmission and a powerful Cummins engine.

Ukrainians for the first time have used self-directing German made SMArt munition:

it says: After identification, a supersonic shock device is fired at the target and hits the combat vehicle from above
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OK and wrapping up this SPAM explosion provoked by utter shit posted here by one of the "slowthinker".

Russian thinking :) So the mighty Russian pharmaceutical industry must have some issues when this is posted in Russia news (yeap, Russian source):
Mishustin demanded to immediately learn how to produce medicines without foreign equipment

So the order was given, issues with access to non-Russian medicine is sorted xD

Some Russians have a message to mr Putin. Wonder why there are no those from Ukrainians to Zelensky xD

Lievrov is trying to find some support in Mongolia ;)


Kadyrov, the most famous Russian tiktoker leading the troops of goatshaggers from Chechnya has produced another material. This guy is such a dumb arse. But happy to see he is not mourning the loss of his boyfriend in the first weeks of their success in temporary special operation in Ukraine:

I actually found it hilarious (but I do not believe that was Kadyrov plan - what an idiot xD)

Russia keeps some ships with kaliber missiles in the Black Sea. The number of available missiles is counted for maximum of 30 units. (thirty, yes, this is all they can manage). This is Russian deep reserve.

what to add here... I do not know, so many successes...

Here Shambo, I know! I have a gift of goodwill to you! You shat yourself badly, so it is time to clean yourself up :) This is a real good will gesture, I am assuming you do not shit on the street and wiping your arse with hand :)


Let me go back into shadow so, my mission for today is complete* ;)

*I hope so
Ah poor Bolek, rattled to the core and having to resort to petty 'insults' to me :lol!:

I find it hilarious, those bolek comments xD seriously you have no clue what you write to try to offend me Pajeet xD Did you do the research after I laughed on it last time, I assume even if you did you did not understand it xD Carry on midget xD

That's too many posts full of shite to even try and tackle, let's see how far i get.... American PZH 2000s, you mean ones like this?

View attachment 13126
View attachment 13127

Good for scrap metal now, and those French CAESAR ones?

View attachment 13128

Apart from the four destroyed and the two intact, captured ones that are been studied in Russia, please send more Mr Macron.

let us start with PZH2000 stands for PanzerHaubitze you morron this is in German xD This is German equipment not American. What a clown xDD

Secondly, you can show the video the frames are from, can't you? Any wreckage? Where is it then? xDDD Even on the frames you pasted I could do it better with photoshop xD
Give us some sources (any) on that hoax on CEASAR systems xDDD you are so resourceful - go on :)
Unless all you have is that post from known Russian agent, Regis de Castelnau which was debunked online big time xD The guy you pasted fake from is a member of Le Pen's party and was a lawyer of the French Communist party in 70-80 xDD you are such a piece of fake xDDD

Seeing as you like posting stuff in Russian or Ukrainian, perhaps you can put it to good use and translate this:

View attachment 13129

The best i can get from my phone translate software is this, maybe you can proof read it for us, wouldn't want to be accused of posting false information.:lol!:

View attachment 13130

Pajeet, you need to try harder xD This is absolutely nothing new. It might be a shocker for you but... every country has it same. The very same is being posted by UA since war started xDDDD Here is the original source:


some snowflakes just learned what is the conscription during the war time, when their country is attacked xDDDD

Maybe they can use this new stamp to post their applications. i wonder what you, as a Pole, think of this?

Vasily Prozorov, a former SBU officer, a traitor and a Russian collaborator. Being now on the top list for traitors. Well what a huge voice xDDDD
Must be very, I mean a VERY reliable source for anything (similar to your previous gurus xD) This twat is not even listened to in DPR and LPR xDDD
He established wikileaks clone called Ukrleaks. Ukrleaks is not even trying to show itself as reliable and neutral source of information (not)fed by Russia, comparing to Assange hoax :) Damn Pajeet, what you wanted to achieve with this you muppet?

Just to add, here is a result for searching "nazi" and "ukraine" in google trends from last five years, you clown, guess what was the day this shit erupted xD:

It works only to idiots and Russians.

Anyhow to cheer myself up, i'm looking forward to watching this new movie in Mahon Point some time.

View attachment 13131

You disappointed me with this one. Seriously, those fake posters are getting worse and worse every week. Well, still doing its work to retards tossing and giggling when spreading it online. Good for you, brainlets must have some from life too xD On the side note, Zelensky was an actor, quite good comedy actor in fairness xDDD Putin can only ride the bears bare chest xDDD Wonder how many posters were produced on Ronald Reagan ;)

Well anyway, this whole manipulation was already described in many places:

and it only proves that Ukraine is getting actually good. Only fakes are being thrown back from orcs and their imps. :)

Did you clean up yourself or you rather wait it will get dry and flake away as usual?

PS. throw us some stuff on Canadian Volunteer from TT. You know, the guy who was claiming he is in Ukraine while posting from his bedroom in Canada xD C'mon I can see you are trying to catch on to anything xDDD This one could give you the advantage if not known already. He was debunked some time ago, I wonder why Russian propaganda did not pick it up yet.
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There are a serious number of Gazprom executives being found dead of Russian natural causes (Face down in swimming pool with bullet in the back of the head) at the moment.
There are a serious number of Gazprom executives being found dead of Russian natural causes (Face down in swimming pool with bullet in the back of the head) at the moment.

not only these guys, also Aeroflot executives and many other high rank managers for Russian companies.

King Silkbeard

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Russia has successfully taken all of the Lugansk, came at a cost though but they can move on from there, Ukraine's battle of the Donbas is not going so smoothly and NATO weapons are slow to get to the battlefield, the numbers and equipment of the Russians are finally getting to the Ukrainians. Lot of commentators said Putin wanted to take Kiev but in reality it is the separatist republics Donetsk and Lugansk that he is really after plus holding onto Crimea, Zelensky has his work cut out for him dealing with the Russians, fight on or acquiesce to Russian demands.
Links or sources otherwise it is just hearsay.

This one is I believe based on DailyMail article, I an find more and reliable sources from last few weeks on it, but I am lazy ;) I even posted some time ago a cartoon with the "suicide without third person's involvement" <---this one is older ;)

I could care less ;) There will be more
Links or sources otherwise it is just hearsay.
It is in the mainstream media.

Russian executive linked to Putin energy giant Gazprom is found shot dead in his swimming pool in latest mystery death of country's tycoons​

  • Yuri Voronov, 61, found dead at his mansion in the suburbs of St Petersburg
  • He ran transport company which had contracts with Russian gas giant Gazprom
  • Voronov was found floating in the pool of his mansion with bullet in his head
  • He is sixth wealthy Russian to die - and the third in the same St Petersburg suburb - in mysterious circumstances since the start of the year

PUBLISHED: 12:20, 5 July 2022 | UPDATED: 15:59, 5 July 2022

A multi-millionaire Russian businessman has been shot dead at his mansion, the latest elite with links to energy giant Gazprom to die in recent months.
Yuri Voronov, 61, head of a logistics company that held lucrative contracts with Gazprom in the Arctic, was found dead at his home in an ultra-wealthy suburb of St Petersburg around 2pm Monday.
Voronov was found floating in the swimming pool with a gunshot wound to his head, a Grand Power pistol nearby, and several spent cases at the bottom of the pool.

He is at least the sixth wealthy Russian businessman to die in mysterious circumstances since the start of the year, many of them with links to Gazprom, and two of whom died in the same St Petersburg suburb as Voronov.

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