Russia's unjustifiable war of aggression in Ukraine

In 2022 the Russian subsidiary of Raiffeisen Bank paid 559 million euros to the Russian budget, which is equal to the cost of about 95 Kalibr missiles, the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption reports.
Raiffeisen Bank International continues to operate in Russia and officially recognizes the so-called "L/DPR" through its Russian representative office. The NACP has added the banking group to the list of international sponsors of the war.

😂 Why run all the way to Spain for your whataboutism? What about the hundreds of German Communists that Stalin handed to the Gestapo and the hundreds of Russian Trotskyites he got from them in return? Suppose you reckon they deserved it. But then, no one killed more Communists than Stalin did. Don’t forget that.

Silly of me to engage you, little troll. As usual, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Oh no totally ignoring Bandera was a nationalist and you and your lot are cheerleading for fascists. You know who was also in the USSR and Ukrainian former Soviet leaders.

Todays nationalists who are fighting the Russians tear down Soviet statues, do you call these Ukrainian nationalists brave and also call for killing of Russians in Ukraine.

To put it another way imagine if Sinn Féin TD's called for the expulsion of Unionists from the North because that is what your friendly non fascists according to you are calling for and you are fine with it.
More vicious weapons into the meat grinder, this could result in Russia upping the ante and before long we could be talking about ballistic missiles, some of us want to prevent a slide towards WW3, nobody wins that.
Nobody wanted the illegal invasion either but here we are. Ukraine can and should defend themselves by any means necessary. There will be only one country that takes us to WW3 and it won't be them. Do you think Ukraine should limit their defense so as not to make Russia angry? Do you normally back down from bullies yourself? They are not responsible for this or any consequences of same
What's the alternative to Ukraine defending itself and the West helping it to do so?

Putin is a dangerous psychopath. Give him another slice of Ukraine now to add to Crimea and he'll be back for more before long. He has stated his intention to recreate the Soviet Union.

What kind of precedent do you set if you allow that to happen? Rewarding the intentional and indiscriminate bombing of civilians, schools and hospitals. Rewarding rape, torture and assorted war crimes. Rewarding lies, propaganda and repression of human rights and democracy. Rewarding jailing and murdering your political opponents. Rewarding the deliberate thwarting of democracy in other countries.

And 'but Iraq' is not the answer, m8.
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