Russia's unjustifiable war of aggression in Ukraine


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So Catcha, which region is likely to be next for the Ukrainians to re-take? Zelensky seemed to suggest another success would follow quickly

The post earlier about the state of play for the Russians vs the Ukrainians based on the equipment they have is very interesting

Hey sorry I was busy earlier to reply. Zelensky's words are already happening. It is Dnieper West bank counter, Russians started evacuating rats and collaborators from Luhansk region - this means they already know they will get properly spanked.

Some updates:


but I would not worry I would be Russian. The Russian gov announced plan of building 1000 planes by 2040*

*seriously xD





The Russian agent now started calling for peace talks. What a joke this guy is....
It must be coincidence, that this dope woke up the moment Russia getting pawned...


Americans are known for, lets say... poor driving skills. They had an accident on Polish highway. Well but what is there on the back of it ;)


*Looks like HDPE sewer pipes. They're probably doing an overhaul somewhere.






Good oulde Soviet style ;)

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His neighbours would freak out.

The U.S. and NATO would take out the black Sea fleet and every Russian soldier in this war in an afternoon.

The Oligarchs want to be in their chalets in the Alps or in Cannes and not pissing around Russia with poverty and the stench of death in the air.

Putin is terrified and focked either way.

He might do some nuclear missile test in the Black Sea to prove that he is still a hardman but ultimately it is unlikely to happen.

Nuke the places that he has just annexed and after getting 164% of the vote?

Good Point.

He must be pissing off the Generals big time and I wouldn't be surprised if plans are being prepared to take him out.


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A comment:

The funniest thing in this whole war tragedy is that the biggest losers in Ukraine are those whom Russia officially liberates from the alleged persecution of the Kiev regime i.e. pro-Russian, anti-Western, Eurosceptic Ukrainians from Russian-speaking areas and the multi-million Russian minority, i.e. the local V column.

Many of them lost their homes, jobs, families, friends, health or life, and those who survived had to emigrate with a few suitcases into the unknown, for unknown length of time and with the awareness that after the war there may be nothing to come back to, especially in cities such as Mariupol, Severodonetsk, Lisichansk, etc.

It will be interesting to see how their views and political preferences change after the war, and how many of them will still be nostalgic for the Russian mire.

Especially interesting will be the fate of the multi-million Russian minority in Ukraine. It is difficult to expect that after the war Ukrainians and Russians, despite having the same Ukrainian citizenship, will actually be treated the same by the law, the media, officials, employers, Ukrainian society, and so on.

It is unlikely that the West and Ukraine at this stage of the conflict will allow Putin to "get out of their faces", quickly dissolve the international, anti-Russian. democratic coalition to do "business as usual" or that something will happen that will abruptly change the circumstances of the situation and radically alter the course of the war in Russia's favor.

Influential Russian strategists and politicians believe that, in theory, such a gamechanger could be tactical nuclear strikes on Ukraine under the doctrine of de-escalation by escalation, but prominent U.S. officials have several times, precisely, unanimously and firmly defined what the consequences of such an action will be in practice for Russia's interests in Ukraine.

It promises that in the end the Russians, from both sides of the border, will most likely be the biggest losers of this war.


US may establish new command in Germany to arm Ukraine: report

By Rachel Nostrant


A new mission is being established at U.S. European Command’s headquarters in Germany to oversee how the U.S. trains and equips Ukrainian troops, according to a report by the New York Times.

The plan for a formal structure in Wiesbaden, Germany, for the U.S. efforts to aid Ukraine following the Russian invasion in February was presented by EUCOM commander Gen. Christopher Cavoli to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin in late September, according to the Times.

Citing an unnamed source within the U.S. military and Biden administration, the Times reported that the new command would include approximately 300 personnel, and would likely report to Cavoli. While the command’s headquarters would be situated in Wiesbaden, training would likely take place at other U.S. bases in Germany, such as Grafenwoehr or Hohenfels, where the Army has large ranges.

A final decision on the command is expected within the next few weeks.

“In close coordination with our Allies and partners, we continue to take steps to align our support to the Ukrainian Armed Forces in a more unified manner in order to aid the Ukrainians with their most urgent needs on the battlefield against the Russian invading force,” EUCOM spokesman Lt. Cmdr. Daniel Day told Military Times in a statement. “At this time, any additional changes or moves to improve our ability to support the Ukrainians are pre-decisional, but as previously stated, we continue to take steps to better align our support.”

Signs of a potential re-structuring have been seen in recent weeks, as a multi-national logistics cell — the International Donor Coordination Center — moved from Stuttgart to Wiesbaden earlier this summer.

“The co-location with the U.S. Army Europe and Africa headquarters, as well as XVIII Airborne Corps increases the ability of the organization to rapidly support Ukraine operations,” EUCOM said in a statement regarding the Aug. 6 move.

The U.S. military began its mission to train Ukrainian troops well before Russia launched its full-scale war earlier this year. The initial efforts began in 2015, following the separation of Crimea from Ukraine.

U.S. troops, in addition to forces from Canada, Lithuania, Denmark, Poland, Sweden and the United Kingdom, have been training Ukrainian forces through the Joint Multinational Training Group-Ukraine. Initially stationed at the Combat Training Center-Yavoriv near Lviv, in western Ukraine, the troops were removed just before the invasion began.

“United States military units support the training to strengthen relationships and affirm the United States’ commitment to European partners,” a press release from the Army stated. “Army National Guard brigade combat teams provide the main support to the Joint Multinational Training Group-Ukraine mission in nine-month rotations as part of the Army’s rotational model.”

The U.S. military also still has thousands of troops positioned across Europe in response to the invasion, including in Poland, Romania, Germany, Latvia and Lithuania. To date, the U.S. has committed more than $16 billion to Ukraine.








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EU to train 15,000 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine under the training mission – media

3 October, 2022Ukrainian military during the mastering of the L118 in Britain. July 2022. Britain. Photo credits: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

EU to train 15,000 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine under the training mission – media

The European Union plans to train up to 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers under the new training mission.
European Pravda reported about this with reference to Spiegel.
EU member states agreed on this at the working level.

According to the diplomats involved in the talks, 3,000 Ukrainian soldiers are to undergo special training, such as tactical combat training for commanders or courses for engineers.
If the EU approves the mission, which will be given the rather unwieldy name “European Union Military Assistance Mission” or EUMAM, it will combine the actions of several states, which will allow for better coordination. Plans for the mission should be determined already in mid-October.
The Ukrainian military at the INTERFLEX training in Great Britain, September 2022. Frame from the video

During the discussion, some disagreements arose regarding the details of the mission planning. Poland proposed to create something similar to a central training camp for Ukrainians near the border with Ukraine. According to the military, the Poles wanted to train entire combat units up to the battalion there.
Germany is concerned that the establishment of a large training center in Poland alone would take a long time, and that such a camp would have to be carefully protected from possible espionage by Russian intelligence services, as well as possible attacks or sabotage.

A compromise was found at the working level. It is assumed that the Poles will create a “headquarters of forces” and will receive EU funds for this.
Instead of a single training center in the countries of the European Union, separate training courses by specialty should be organized.
Українські військові з автоматами “Type 56-1” на навчаннях у Британії. Серпень 2022. Британія. Фото: Frank Augstein/AP
Ukrainian soldiers with Type 56-1 assault rifles during exercises in Britain. August 2022. Britain. Photo credits: Frank Augstein/AP

Germany is currently planning its own training courses with the Bundeswehr. For example, German instructors could teach Ukrainian commanders tactics in a combat simulation center. Sappers, doctors and other specialists would also have the opportunity to undergo training in Germany.
The final details of the EUMAM mission are to be agreed in Brussels next week. Then a decision on the project should be made at the next official meeting of the EU Council on October 17.

Жозеп Боррель. Фото з відкритих джерел
Josep Borrell. Photo from open sources

EU Foreign Minister Josep Borrell proposed plans to establish a training mission at the end of August.

Українські військові під час навчань у Великій Британії Фото: Генеральний штаб ЗСУ
Ukrainian military personnel during exercises in Great Britain. Photo credits: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that almost 5,000 Ukrainian servicemen have undergone training in Great Britain. The program launched by the British government is called Operation INTERFLEX. Currently, instructors from Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom itself are involved in it.



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Five Azov soldiers freed from Russian captivity is meeting their families.
WARNING: ninja slicing onions is known to hide behind your back while watching :)


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A video on Twitter shows a Bloomberg clip of Prof Jeff Sachs saying the US was behind the Nord Stream leak. Big if true.

I wouldn't be surprised if they did do it. It heaps more pressure on Putler. He'll have less cash over the next few months to pay off those who might oust him. EU now down to 9% dependency too. Whatever way you want to spin it that's a big issue for the Russian economy. One of their biggest revenue sources is drying up.
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Nuclear weapons convoy sparks fears Putin could be preparing test to send ‘signal to the West’​

Train operated by secretive nuclear division spotted in central Russia heading towards the front line in Ukraine

A Russian convoy transporting equipment for Russia's nuclear weapons programme has sparked fears that Vladimir Putin could be preparing a test to send a “signal to the West”.
A train operated by the secretive nuclear division and linked to the 12th main directorate of the Russian ministry of defence was spotted in central Russia over the weekend heading towards the front line in Ukraine.
The pro-Russian Telegram channel Rybar shared the footage showing the large freight convoy hauling upgraded armoured personnel carriers and other equipment.
Konrad Muzyka, a defence analyst specialising in Ukraine, said the 12th directorate operated a dozen central storage facilities for nuclear weapons.

"This is actually a kit belonging to the 12th Main Directorate of the Russian MoD,” The Poland-based analyst said. “The directorate is responsible for nuclear munitions, their storage, maintenance, transport, and issuance to units."
Mr Muzyka said it could be a “signalling to the West that Moscow is escalating," in reference to Vladimir Putin's nuclear war warning last week.

However, the expert stressed that the video in no way shows "preparations for a nuclear release".

Russia expected to test 'weapon of the apocalypse'​

It comes as sources told The Times that Nato had sent an intelligence report to its members and allies alerting them to the fact that Russia is expected to test its nuclear-capable torpedo drone Poseidon, possibly in the Black Sea, which it controls.
The Poseidon torpedo, dubbed the “weapon of the apocalypse”, can be launched from the submarine. According to La Repubblica newspaper, it is about to be tested in the area of the Kara Sea, north of the Russian mainland.

Placeholder image for youtube video: r4eJvwtQJu4

These latest manoeuvres could signal an increasingly desperate Mr Putin’s willingness to escalate the war following a series of embarrassing defeats on the battlefield, including the loss of a key city in Donetsk and the most recent setbacks in the Kherson region.
According to Pentagon officials, the US is considering how to respond to a range of potential scenarios, including fears that Russia could use tactical nuclear weapons.
Last Friday, at a ceremony in which he announced the illegal annexation of four Ukrainian regions, Mr Putin said Russia would use “all available means” to defend the areas
It came as the Biden administration's next security assistance package for Ukraine is expected to include four Himars rocket launchers, munitions, mines and mine-resistant vehicles, two sources who had been briefed on the $625 million package told Reuters on Monday.
The package, expected to be announced as soon as Tuesday, is the first since Russia's declared annexation of Ukrainian territory and the second Presidential Drawdown Authority since Ukraine made large battlefield gains in mid-September.
Himars were instrumental in knocking out Russian supply lines and hitting headquarters behind enemy lines ahead of the recent counter attacks by Ukraine.


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