Rugby World Cup 2023

Kleyn lucky not to get a red, hit to the head, not much attempt to get low, yet ref only gives a penalty, not even a card.
It was a penalty and yellow, they're mad for the hips hinge and with the dropping player he'd never have got red. To give nothing is a shambles though. Double movement on tap and go penalties for tries scored is the only consistency they have so far.
The lack of replays is really annoying. I'm pretty sure an Aussie played the ball on the ground leading to their try. TMO never picked it up and of course they won't show the replays to show a mistake was made.
Harsh on Fiji pulling back the player after the pass which bounced off the Australian guy.

The disallowed try from the line out as well, unless it's part of the laws I'm not aware of.

Hope Fiji keep this up.
Die Hard (16)
Triskel Arts Centre, Tobin St.

20th Dec 2023 @ 8:15 pm
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