Robot lawnmowers

I dont want the blinds down during the day.. the whole point of having glass at the back is so you can see the garden! Fake grass looks shite, a few neighbours have done that. Looks like I'll just have to man up and keep cutting the grass :)
Fake grass looks awful and only gets worse looking just like Ring_ys old doll over time as well as smelling bad and being an environmental disaster.

When the kids grow up just let them do the grass cutting?
You need to get into "The Zone" when it comes to cutting grass. Namely, whenever you're asked to do something, you respond by saying, "Hrrmm, maybe. The grass needs to be cut though." Then you spend a few hours in the shed doing fuck all except making up various mumbo jumbo about how you're "Working on the lawnmower's flux capicator." If you're anyway good at this you can carry on such behaviour until you hit the grave or the retirement home.
Maybe the grass in my gaff just grows like stink or something but if you want it to look tidy it definitely needs to be cut every 2nd weekend at the moment

Yerrah - let it grow away on the basis you're helping the environment, going for the wilderness look!!
Plant a few wildflowers in there too for extra smug value.
Neighbours will be very impressed by your concern for the planet, albeit in reality you're just a lazy bollix!!
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