Rename the Pana to “Terence McSwiney Street ”.

Haven’t posted in a while , but that Irish Revolution docu was class. Put our beloved city front and centre.

Instead of Patrick’s Street , we should have a McSwiney Street. And as for the Grand Parade - should be Tom Barry Avenue.
Just throwing some ideas out there. South Mall means nothing. Should be Micheal Collins Boulevard. 100th anniversary and all that. Just an idea.
Well I do know that. And I notice the tendency to name minor side streets to placate people. But why not go the full hog and actually rename the Pana itself after Terence McSwiney. 100th anniversary these few years right now would be a perfect occasion to do so. You can’t get more Cork than that Terence fella. Watching that Revolution docu seriously brought a tear to my eye. Just throwing the idea out there. Why do we have a “grand parade” rather than a Tom Barry Boulevard. Why is there a “Bishop Lucey” park rather than a statue to McSwiney or MacCurtain ? A bit of reflection is needed. Our history matters. Shouldn’t be ignored.

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