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Yeah fair. Heat of the moment and seconds to make a decision. Hope he pulls through. Looks nasty from the video. Stabbed in the neck like. Sometimes in instances like these I agree with how yank cops approach these situations. Mag dump the stabber and sort it out later. Stabby mcgee would be in the morgue if this happened in America.
Agreed, empty the clip
Y'know, I always thought it was an overabundance of faith in humanity that made these people blind to what Islam is, but maybe it's just old-fashioned bald ignorance. I'm obviously not talking about marching for a ceasefire; there should be a ceasefire. But a lot of the interviews I've watch with these people demonstrate that they simply do not perform even the most cursory research into what they're happy to parrot. The other side is wrong, so everything they say must be lies, right?
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