Rate the last movie you watched out of 10

Hank Scorpio

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Fat man and little boy, was called Shadow Makers in its European release.

1989 movie about the Manhatten project in Los Alamos.

Remember seeing this when I was 10 or 11. Paul Newman, John Cusack and Laura Dern.

Directed by Roland Joffe who did The Killing Fields. Servicable enough historical drama. The casting of Oppenheimer was bizarre, Dwight Schultz a.k.a Murdock from the A-Team. Was the main lead which was very jarring.

It was ok, nothing special
Caliber 7/10

2 lads go on a hunting weekend away in the Scottish Highlands.

The bleakest movie I've seen in quite a while but thought it was great. Well acted and paced and keeps you on your toes till the end

Jimmy the Gent

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Was cartoonish at times and dragged a little in places.

But the theme was fresh and had plenty of great nostalgic moments.

The ending was also very powerful. It really hit home his greatness and the sadness of his early death.


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