Rate the last movie you watched out of 10

the courier
true spy story on amazon prime with beniedict cumberbatch
6.75/10, enjoyed it

the age of adaline
t'was ok, that blake lively wan is some pure lasher in it, hadn't seen her before in anything i don't think
Scream 2/10
Not quite as bad as the newest Halloween but it’s a complete mess.
The amount of stomach stabbings without any real repercussions was off the chart.
One character was effectively gutted but got up out of bed with a slight grimace like she they had a strained back.
It’s poorly made too, can see the reflection of the camera crew in one scene, another goes from day time to night back to day and then night again in the space of a few minutes.
I’m pretty sure their ages and abut don’t add up too.

1 for Never Campbell ageing like a fine wine.
1 for a brilliant final kill.

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