Rangers FC gone into administration


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On paper GVB is certainly a very good appointment. He'll have great contacts in the game and will likely pick up some quality players on loan. But he won't like what he saw first hand in Hampden yesterday though. And when a first-teamer who has won ONE trophy out of Ten is talking about the squad losing their hunger all is not rosy behind the scenes at ibrox methinks


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Van Bronkhorst is an icon at ibrox. He was a Dutch international that joined them (well their manager) when there were offers from other clubs and while with the huns he continued to win Dutch caps. Very good player for them.

Of course very good players don't always make very good managers but, as with Gerrard if the stories are to be believed, he can be the front man while the good work is being done behind the scenes by his assistants.

I certainly wouldn't be writing off TRFC's chances in spite of leaking a lot of goals this season compared to last, losing the LC semis, and the fans being up in arms over the way Gerrard left and the rumblings amongst some first teamers.


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Looks like VB has acquired some good coaching staff from Holland and Belgium and has inherited their knack of getting awarded match winning penalties. :eek:

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